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Well I did it even though I'm away from home on a work trip! I know, bad planning starting the week I had to go away... but I'm proud that I made myself go and didn't give in to excuses, and I did some pretty great sightseeing along the way!

I am looking some advice though - I get quite tight along the front of my shins. Anyone have any recommendations for stretches or exercises to loosen them off. I know I need to do calf stretches, but how about the smaller muscles in the lower leg?

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Well done you!

You maybe don't need to do stretches, we don't all do them.. but. you do need to be warmed up properly and make sure your warm up walk is a good one :)

Try, and at this time, it is hard, because there is so much to think about... but try to land lightly and gently , we can, sometimes at the beginning of this, slam our feet down a little hard:) A gentle walk down too !

After your run, a hot shower and some good massaging of your legs :)


Stretchng will help your joints, not your muscles. Do some strengthening exercises - calf raises etc and get a foam roller (or a lacrosse ball) to ease your pain by inflicting much more pain on yourself.


Running while away is the absolute best. Great for sightseeing, glad you discovered that so early.

As for the shins, are you doing the walking bits much faster than normal? I get shin pain if I walk too fast. Might be worth trying to slow those sections down to see if it helps.


As Rignold suggests Rappter, I found doing toe lifts and heel drops quite good. Only stretch after your run and warm down walk, while you muscles are still warm. I do calf and hamstring and thigh stretches too.

Toe lifts. Stand with feet about 8 inches apart. Go up on to your toes, hold, then release down. Repeat about 8 times.

Heel drops. Stand on a step or stair with your heels sticking out over the edge. GENTLY lower your heels a bit, hold, then come back up. Repeat about 8 times.

You can also do both of these exercises one foot at a time with the other foot off the ground which is harder as you are lifting more weight.

Do keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water after your run, your muscles need this.

Welk done on doing your run away from home...and good luck with the next one.😊


Thank you everyone, great tips that I'll try out and lovely encouragement. I think joining this community is going to help my keep going out even when I can come up with an excuse not to stick with it!

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