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W1R2 complete! In the rain too!

Not the nicest weather - first time out in the rain proper, and it was quite chilly rain too bordering on sleet.

Does anyone have any advice on clothing in such conditions? the rain wasn't very heavy so I didn't get soaked but it really was quite damp. I fear waterproofs even highly breathable ones wouldn't do the trick given the temperature differential and the amount of steam my oversized body is generating with this unfamiliar level of exercise? Do we just put up with it?

Anyway whether it was the cold or the podcast (most runs so far we have done with watch timing) but I managed a shocking 8km/hour over the whole session which I am really surprised about! I even felt I could go longer which was quite a shock - I was having to stop myself pick up a jog towards the end of the warm down...

I did almost get a stitch though! I had almost forgotten about them but in the penultimate 60s that familiar feeling in my side returned, reminding me of terrible days doing forced cross country at school in my early teens. But reducing the pace seemed to deal with it - it didn't become properly painful, nothing like the crippling agony back at school!

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well done! You're really doing great.

As for the conditions, I think with rain, even heavy rain I think many put up with it, some mention a lightweight waterproof but I certainly would just be sweated out in that. When I've been out in a downpour I've put my phone in a plastic bag, put on a baseball cap (to keep glasses clear) and just gone for it in otherwise regular running clothes.

When it's excessively cold and rainy though I'm not sure - probably (as long as we're not talking Canada winter temps, in which case ... there are some Canucks on here who could advise) my advice is get back inside for your cooldown - don't walk too long to cool down outside when you're drenched and it's cold rain!


Nice advice thanks. It did get a bit chilly the final few minutes. I have an exercise bike i can slowly use to warm down.


I have a couple of thicker running tops which do nicely for cold weather and when it's a bit wet. They're not waterproof, but they keep drizzle off, for a while at least. I try not to head out when it's pouring down, I think, but if I'm out and it gets heavy, I just get wet! In warmer weather, a bit of rain can be lovely to cool you down slightly, so it's less of an issue then ;)


Well done, go you! 😃

I love running in the rain. I wear a very light, breathable jacket. It is actually a cycling jacket which has two advantages that work well for running too - it has extra long sleeves which means I never have to bother with gloves & it is cut shorter at the front so it doesn't get in the way of running legs, but is longer at the back to keep my backside warm/ concealed!! I do vary how much I wear underneath it to avoid overheating. 😄


Thanks! trip to decathlon to see what they have on offer!



I get super hot running so I wear abnormally less than you'd expect for running along the Scottish coast. Which I'm guessing makes me equivalent for "oversized body steam"?!? ;)

As you get further in the programme you're going to be hotter for longer, something worth bearing in mind if you find being too hot unbearable. No jacket is ever going to be cool enough for me, it's long sleeve top all the way!

I would recommend 1) baseball cap (it's a lot easier to tolerate when it's not in your face) 2) think layers so if you've misjudged it & are unbearably hot you can chuck them off and tie them around your middle (and amuse the locals with the striptease as a bonus) 3) even better, if you do head to Decathlon get the run warm gilets & wear very little underneath. They're padded so the wet won't get to your chest, but having wet arms will stop you overheating...

Oh and re. the stitch - the drinking water beforehand advice (which I don't think you get till week 4 or something?!) really works. I did the whole programme without a single stitch and having been prone to them before I had been worried about them!


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