Couch to 5K

W1R2 - stream of consciousness

Thoughts that went through my head:

- It's 5:30. Do I get up now or wait til 6?

- It's 6 am. 5 more minutes.

- 6.10. I could stay here and write the blog anyway - nobody would know.

- 6.11. I'd know. Get up, you lazy ********.

- 6:20. Warm up. Should have planned a route, no idea where I'm going. What if I'm headed into the "take the **** out of the newie runner zone!" Gotta be one of those round here.

- Go in the forest, go in the forest. It'll be great.

- Mud, hills, more mud. Bad plan.

- That wasn't mud. Oh. bloody dogs!!

- Gnats - didn't figure on that.

- Can't believe Rik Mayall is dead. Captain Flasheart! Kevin Turvey! Rick! AAlan B'stard! Tell me it's not true.

- Different shorts required. Doing my own weird - and not too pleasant - version of keepy uppy here.

- Another runner - pretend I'm Mo Farah! Wave like I've been out for hours!

- 60 seconds got quicker.

- Duke of Edinburgh's birthday - same as my dads. Wonder if the Greeks would take him back if we through in the Elgin marbles as well.

- 6th run already. Thought it was the seventh but I'll live with it. In fact, I'm starting seven early!

- All done. No noticeable side effects. Probably a good thing - middle aged bloke in the forest and all that....

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That made me chuckle this morning! Its funny all the random thoughts we have! Well done getting up and out early it is worth it x


Haha, that made me laugh. Pleased you went for your run and seemingly enjoyed it ;)


Brilliant blog! I often lay there at 5 in the morning thinking should I get up!

Oh and yes RIP Rik Mayall! We should maybe run around while listening to podcasts of Kevin Turvey Investigates! We'd be too busy laughing inside to notice we are tired! ;-)

Good luck! You will soon notice the difference! I'm only on week 6 but couldn't run to save my life before I started! Happy Running xx


Good work there! I end up running with my hand over mouth and nose to avoid gnat inhalage.


Told my 14 yr old son about Rik Mayall last night. 'Who's he'? he said. Then I went through the list of all the things we'd watched him in (I believe in a good tv education for my boy) ... couldn't believe how many pivotal things from my life he's been in. Then I said Jellikins ... I can't tell you how many mornings at 4.30 am we sat in front of the tv watching the wonderful, magical, colourful world of the JELLIKINS!!! Toddler heaven. Mummy's saviour. RIP Rik xx


I can identify with the random thoughts. I do it all the time but it does help pass the time on longer runs

Oh RIk Mayall! Bottom really used to cheer me up. Such nonsense but it tickled me, especially the bit on the big wheel. He left behind such a body of work so we can keep enjoying him forever. Sniff

Keep on running diabolical and sharing your random thoughts with us


Nice One DL. That's the spirit - get out and run and then tell us your experiences. Your post reminded me of 'We're going on a bear hunt'. Made me laugh.


Great post - I look forward to many more!


Enjoyed your post well done for getting out there and just doing it


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