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Can't stop buying running gear!

What has happened to me??

I got paid last Friday and immediately rushed off to SportsDirect to buy some new running tops and earphones. I just made the mistake of using my lunch hour to "go and have a look" at a new sports shop near my office and found a lovely lightweight waterproof running jacket that was reduced to £15 - had to buy it at that price :-)

Until this C25K programme, sports shops were where I waited with impatient boredom while my husband chose new trainers.

I'm glad the actual running is free! My husband is going mad as have had to buy a whole new wardrobe too as have gone down 2 dress sizes (the running is definitely helping this last part of my weight loss). I'm not complaining though - loving all these new shiney clothes :-)

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I'm the same when it comes to running gear! I can't stand clothes shopping usually, but running gear..well you can never have too much of it ;)

That's great news about the weight loss too. I bet you're over the moon :D


It is fun and what a nice reward for your hard work :)


I agree with TJ, word for word.

Had an hour to kill between lessons today. Wandered into a shop and got a bargain jacket, plus another top... still looking for a decent cap thingy or sunglasses (do they do special ones) as the sun's getting stronger now down here in Mafialand...


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