Stats, update and Aldi gear

Had my 4th post graduation run this morning and I really enjoyed it. Had my brand new Aldi trousers and fluorescent pink top, garmin f110 ( birthday pressie yesterday) and The mavericks on play. I felt great. Running at my own pace( no husband running with me - he is lovely but kind of puts me off by running too fast at the beginning), sun on my face and nice and cool.

I am really pleased it went well because my first 3 runs after graduation have been a struggle. I went back to my railway track route and, according to the Garmin, I covered 4.12 k in 30 minutes. First time I have had real stats so I am well chuffed with that. Going to work up to 5k and go for the park run by the end of November.

For any new runners, 10 weeks ago I had never run since school sports ( hated running then) and never thought I could run. I am 56 and the programme worked a treat. So stick with it and be proud of yourselves! Also... The aldi running clothes seem great!

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  • A woman after my own heart! I'm 57, wearing Aldi, hated cross-country at school, (used to sneak off for tea at someone's house) and look at me now! Week 8!

  • Ha ha , that does sound like me, i never did any of the running at school. always skived off too.

    Week 8? means you are nearly at the end of the programme, does that mean you going to be going out running with your old man? I am assuming you are Iannado's wife? If I am wrong, please ignore !

  • You assume right. It might be safer to run with him Lizzie, than in front of him! At the mo he's too fast for me, but maybe sometime.......

  • I treated myself to the Aldi trousers today but did you find they were a really small fit? Couldn't get the medium on even though they're my usual size!!!

  • Yep, really small...I mentioned in someone else's post that I am normally a size 14 and took the large which is meant to be a size 16 to 18. They are snug! On saying that, they do feel very comfy. Went back and bought the compression top and pants and a fluorescent yellow top for darker runs. All large. I am stopping now though or I will be stoney broke.

  • Glad to hear you had a good birthday! I am glad I found your post this evening. My next run is tomorrow morning and I have had three 'heavy going' runs - and I have decided to take your advice and enjoy my run tomorrow. I have managed 5.2k twice this week but feel like I need to change my route. Or something.

    Got new socks in LIDL! But can't keep with you!

  • I had to return the socks they were too big for me!

    5.2 k??? That's fantastic! Was that in half an hour? Either way I am well impressed. Hopefully my new clothes will mean I will be streamlined and run faster :)

    Glad you found my post too!

  • 34 mins - I will admit I am chuffed and amazed. And smug! I think it is short steps or something. Not bothered about going faster but just enjoying it more. Have sorted out long sleeves and hat and running gloves for when it is cold.

    Still can't believe we have done it!

  • Happy birthday for yesterday. Sound like you got some lovely presses. I graduated this morning and within a few hours took myself of to aldi to treat myself. They really have some good stuff, don't they. Great time for your 30 min. I got 3.8 km today. Like you I am Looking forward to my park run. Good luck.

  • When you thinking of doing the park run? Are you waiting until you know you can run 5k ? I think I am as I want to enjoy it without worrying whether I can finish or not. I know. Could walk a bit but I would far rather be able to run all the way.

  • I think I am planning on waiting. Saying that I have already printed my barcode off and it's sitting looking at me every Saturday. I am with you Though I want to run the whole thing.

  • I got aldi trousers yes they are not true to size , I got large & they r very comfy , also muff a bargain at 2.99 . Gloves & pink running jacket , I'm sorted just got t sort this knee problem out at docs tomorrow

  • I really hope your knee prob is nothing serious. Fingers crossed .

  • Hope not too , now I've broke the bank lol , don't think it can be because it's not swollen or owt , doesn't hurt to the touch and can bend it ok pain free , its sometimes when walking not all the time

  • Hurrah for us 55+ peeps, dressed in bright yellow/pink gear from Aldi , and full of wonderment (although only just enough puff!). I can't stop myself telling everyone that I'm running now - I've already become a running bore, haha. And I'm surprised how many women of a similar age that I see running, now that I frequent the local cycle-track that runs alongside the river... Thanks for everyone's posts, questions and replies here. It feels very supportive :-)

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