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Buying running shoes online?

Hello! I'd like to treat myself to a new pair of running trainers as i graduated yesterday and have been using my nike air all the way through which have been lovely but feel i deserve a treat!

I'm not really one for shoe shops. I always prefer to buy online as im quite a private person and prefer that to going into shops and trying on shoes. Daft as i may be! Does anybody have any recommendations for me? I've been looking at asics gel on amazon which seem really nice. I'm the same size in every pair of shoes/trainers i buy so not too worried about the fit. Thanks in advance.

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I wear Nike's but I've heard good things about the Asics, have you looked at sportsshoes.com? They have good prices, there's usually a code somewhere to get free delivery and they're good with returns. They also have lots of filters so you can look only at the type of shoes you need (support, overpronation etc)

I learnt the hard way with internet shoe shopping that the European sizing is the most consistent, when I looked at a size chart the Euro 43 was listed as size 8, 8.5 and 9 with different brands!

PS it is mandatory to post a photo of any new running shoes for us all to admire ;)


If you get on well with a certain kind of shoe, I'd advise you to stick with that one. You know it fits and that it is suitable for your running gait.

If you buy a different style without trying them on you may find they aren't quite right for your feet and will cause you problems or lead to an injury.


Thank you both. I have always worn nike and they're by far my most favourite trainer brand. I've never tried their actual running shoes though. Just Nike air.


It would be a good idea - especially as you'll be running longer distances - to go to a shop at least once and have a gait analysis done, buy the shoes they give you, and when you need to change them get the same model online.

It's an insurance against injuries! Sometimes even if the shoe feels comfortable it may not be the best for you and cause problems in the long run.

Also don't get hung up on brands - your health is more important than wearing the cutest trendy shoe...


Nike Air and Nike Zoom are reputedly the best choices for runners, as they are designed for running. Lots of runners are running in Nikes that are gym shoes, tennis shoes - anything but flippin running shoes!

Not all running shoes are made equal! Many are narrow, some are wide. Some are wide - or narrow - where you don't need them to be, so trying on is really quite essential. You can send them back though if you buy them online so that's a good thing. Read the small print though. You can't run in them and then send them back if they don't suit you though, which you can if you get them from say Sweat Shop.

I liked the Asics but they were way too narrow for me. I tried them on so was able to reject them completely, the Mizuno are way wide in the toe box. you get my drift. If you want another brand then I'd be prepared to go to the running shop. Always a running shop!!!!! They know what they're doing as the staff will be runners themselves. You would enjoy the experience I'm sure. I'm not a shopper either but the process of buying running shoes at a proper shop was enjoyable, it really was.

I have worn out my Nike Air Pegasus. They are now retired and used for walking etc. They still look great but have simply lose their oomph through lots of running. I did just over 500 miles in em. I have some Nike Zoom Elite racers now, just for race day, which because of shin splints, I won't be using much. Sigh

Nike wise, I tried on the Nike Vomero, which is their most cushioned shoe. I loved that one I really did but I chose the Pegasus as it was in the sale and I was on a budget. You only can really choose though if you know what your foot type is, and that is determined by going in person to the running shop to find out, otherwise you could be buying completely unsuitable shoes.

Good luck. I hope you get some lovely new shoes. Photo required when you do ! x


If you really don't want to go to a shop despite the advice, there are a couple of 'apps' online you can use to give you an idea which kind of shoe you want. Not sure how good they are. Google for "shoe finder". Every major brand does one, or


My first pair of trainers off the internet were Nikes and I hate them (just casual use now), but probably i bought the wrong type. It makes a big difference.


Hi New Dawn,

I would recommend the shoe selector at:


If you are looking for "bargain" shoes, I'd suggest sportsshoes.com first (note: sportsshoes with the double "s" in the middle).

If you are prepared to buy the last model (not the current one), they will be discounted. Not sure what your budget is...


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