running shoes

I bought my comfy running shoes about april last year and have recently noticed some wear...they have also changed from being nice and white to a muddy grey... i'm just wondering how long do running shoes actually last and how do you know when it is time to buy a new pair? To be honest it might be a man thing in that i normally only buy a new pair of shoes when i feel my socks getting wet from a hole in the shoe and as a rule rarely have more than three or four pairs of shoes at one time.


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  • I was told about 500 miles per pair. There have been some lovely posts recently of people who feel like they're flying with their new shoes on. I bought some new ones as mine were worn down in places and didn't really notice much difference, but they are certainly a lot cleaner!

  • thanks useit i think i need to begin to look for a new big rush but they are starting to feel a little sad

  • Mine have done 500 miles and have gone flat. I can feel that they've sort of gone sad and are not as grippy as they were. I think that comes from running downhill and you use your shoes as brakes. I am going to get new ones

  • mine are started to become worn in places but do have some grip left in them

  • i think there are so many factors to what degrade a shoe, runners weight, miles covered, running style etc. I really want some Hoka Mafates, supposed to be like slippers, and you look like a member of Shawaddy waddy ;-)

  • mm they look great so bright and colourful..i think my shoes feel a little sad..i remember shawaddy waddy they were great at dancing and enjoyed their songs too. I wonder if they would have been any good at running.

  • Ha ha , I need to fess up ! I went to see Showaddywaddy at Batley Variety Club many moons ago , they were really good n all ! :-D xxx

  • I swapped mine when I got a pain in one leg then realised there was a kind of 'sag' in the insole under the corresponding heel. And then I bought another pair when I started trying to run up big hills and found that road shoes don't grip wet scree or mossy muddy boggy mess and instead are wont to deposit a person indelicately on their bottom, so now I've got road shoes and trail/fell shoes. There are various guidelines but I'm inclined to think that...

    1) the shoe industry prefer us to buy more pairs of shoes and have plenty of money to plough into research that encourages us to do so.

    2) you can probably tell when you need a new pair, using the wet-sock test or the does-anything-hurt test.

  • mm no leaks yet ubt sole is becoming slightly compressed now so i probably need to start looking around for a new pair thanks for your advice

  • I've seen em anorl Pops! Batley VAriety Club! I think our local club was the biggest once Batley had closed. Ours has gone too now unfortunately. I used to practically live there!

    "When the moon is in the seventh house, and jupiter aligns with mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, Aquaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariusssssssssssss, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.

    Wahay! I'm back there. LOL

    I'll get me coat

  • under the moon of love?

  • Ha ha - Batley Variety Club, it was the London Palladium of t' North .

    Chicken in a basket, Scampi, Flippin' gorgeous !

    Shirley Bassey even appeared there and she banned the serving of food whilst she was performing . Oh that didnt go down too well , I can tell ya :-) xxx

  • I saw them at White City - support for David Cassidy!!!!

  • Oh my God ! - David Cassidy !!!

    I never got the chance to see him in his hey day , but saw him at Manchester Apollo about fifteen years ago. Still had the voice, but what a mess he had made to his beautiful face. His face was stretched to an inch of its life and I think he was having a battle with the booze.

    Oh he was flippin' gorgeous in his day ! :-) xxx

  • Miss W, may I have permission to nick your word " anorl " ?

    It is much quicker to write than " and all " or " n'all "

    I am having it , ta very much ! :-D xxx

  • Anyone with tiger feet should be good at running

  • Tiger Feet was Mud! LOL

  • Ha ha , thats right, thats right ! :-D xxx

  • that's neat that's neat i love your tiger feet!

  • I really love your tiger feet ! :-D

    I really wish I had Tiger Feet, mine look like a cross between Fred Flinstones and a Hobbits :-D xxx

  • She sure did! No rattling of glasses when she was on. Any noises off and you were dead. Killed by her icy stare. She got paid a small fortune back then, even by today's standards

    Happy days

  • Oh yes I can imagine, she was a proper superstar Diva was Dame Shirley. Absolutely fabulous though, her voice took your breath away xxx

  • Oh god, Mud, same shoes though

  • We went to a wedding in 1999 in Dulwich, and because several of Shawaddywaddy were friends of the groom, they were the main act at the reception. They had some pairs of dancers with them, in all the gear, and after they'd done their act they started bringing others onto the floor, and dancing energetically with them. It was a riot! My beloved is proud of the fact that she jived with Dave, the singer! Who went ashen white afterwards when I told him she had two artificial hip joints! :)

  • Oh fab story JB ! I knew you could rock with the best of 'em :-) xxx

  • You're so funny, Poppy! :) She loves to dance, and I'm phobic about it! Otherwise, we get on well, and have done for nearly 42 years!

  • Oh how lovely John, here's to many more happy years together xxx

  • They're still gigging!

  • Ive just looked up their tour dates ha ha :-)

    Oswaldtwistle ( I love that name ) 7th March.

    Shame the lead singer has stepped down, the new one only looks about 12 :-) xxx

  • Dave bartram it was.

    I like Mytholmroyd meself

  • Ha ha , Ive been to Mytholmroyd, well I passed through it , it was a blink and you missed it xxx

  • Not when you go through by canal - if so you were boating too fast :)

  • Have you done that ? Sounds fab, Ive always wanted to go on one of them xxx

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