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Loving running!

Climbed out of bed at 5.30pm (woke at 2 but sleep still called!), sun had gone and grey and damp outside, but banana consumed, running stuff on and out I went, undecided on which way I was going.

Thought I would have another Stepping Stones run, as it was fast getting dark went off along the road as usual, but cut into the park as the traffic noise was drowing Laura out and I could still see enough of the unlit path in the dusk light to safely cut through, rather than be blinded by the cars along the unlit part of the road.

No demons today, everything seemed ok, hitting the beat at 150 then 155 until getting up to the top of the hill, had to walk a few paces, but I felt like I had been working hard and running faster so wasn't too disappointed.

Exited the park at the top corner of the park, had a couple of minutes at 155 then just as I got to the big downhill the 160 beats started, so I ran downhill fast; faster than ever before, and it felt good, just had one moment of being scared I may trip or fall, but continued anyway (brave for me!) Ran through the 5 minute warm down until the next podcast started then walk/jogged home.

Imap showed 5k done in 43 minutes, even with the bit of walking and I am happy with that. Knees feel ok at the moment, I'll see how they go through tonights night shift!

I had jacket spud cooked for my return, with fish and salad, yum; now shower and work again.

Definitely tempted to try Chelmsford Parkrun on Saturday morning... Maybe I can beat my first try time! ;-)

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Lovely blog... something for us all to aspire to. Well done.


Thanks Poppy ... making the stepping stones more inviting;)

Keep up the running.


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