Pavement running

Got home from work. It's dark, it's cold and wet. Raining but I've been cooped up all day in an office. Running gear on. Nice yellow striped top should be easy to see. Garmin, HRM, smartphone for music (one earphone only) and armband.

Really loved it. Pounding the pavements downhill through the village along lower road and then all back uphill. 5k in 35 mins including the warmup and warmdown. I feel good na, na, na, na, na. So good, so good dah,dah,dah ;-)

Have a great night!



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22 Replies

  • Aw that's sounds fab GF, l love running in the cold and dark .

    I think my body has been taken over by aliens as I was always a right wimp in the cold, but now Im completely the opposite.

    Glad you enjoyed it , certainly gets rid of all the stresses of the day doesn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Absolutely PP. Great way to run off the frustrations and stresses

  • Excellent!! Happy running :)

  • Thanks EpicMum

  • "Great way to run off the frustrations and stresses"

    Not to mention your dinner!

  • That was before dinner MW. Felt I'd earned it then

  • Oh yes, why not. Bring on the Yorkshires!

  • And the ice cream

  • Ha ha you should be on a tv advert for C25K!!!


  • I had a bit of ice cream over the weekend, just a couple of spoons from my husband's dessert. I probably won't have any for years again now. That's my fix fixed!

  • Well done you. Inspiring post!!! I like the one ear bit!! I need to try that!! Did my first run outside without music but missed it. Still want to hear around me though. 1 ear best of both!!!

  • I can't claim credit for the one ear as I saw a picture of Aussie after his run and he only looked like he had one earphone in. Definitely worked for me and let me hear the odd car etc

  • Yeah must try it. Need to be aware or surroundings. There was a weird bloke on a bike the other day on the track I was running on that freaked me out too!! I wanted to hear what was behind me!!!

  • Sounds scary Lou

  • It was probably me being paranoid. He was on his bike stationary. As I went past, thought he was on his phone texting but he wasn't. Just sitting there. Then started cycling after I'd gone past! No wonder I ran too fast and got out of breath!!!! But yes. I need my ears!!!!

  • Sounds fantastic :0). I always do the one ear thing too...scared of being hit by a car! I did put the other one in one day and couldn't believe how much better the music sounded - even Julie ;0)

  • Yes I normally run with both but only through the woods where there aren't cars

  • Oh so happy to hear it. It's wonderful when runs turn out this way :)

  • Absolutely Tomas

  • brilliant, well done you, I love that feeling!

  • Thanks juicyju. Still feel great today

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