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Was it running or swimming?!

Sunday evening, Teen Rainbow at youth club in the next village, so time for a run. I haven't been out since Tuesday, when I did Speed, so decided this must mean my legs were well rested ;) And both Rainbows and I cycled down to the next village yesterday, so that's a handy bit of cross-training, right? And for once I'd remembered to charge both my light and my Bluetooth headphones! So tonight was going to go well.

I decided to use the stamina podcast so that I still had Laura encouraging me and giving me her friendly time checks, but I wasn't trying to use it properly and run with the beat, as that would definitely have defeated me in the first few minutes! Off I poddled, keeping to my own pace and being careful not to get carried along too quickly. After last week's effort, I really wanted to run a minimum of 30 mins tonight, but was really aiming for 5k if at all possible, so knew it was important to take it slow and steady.

First five minutes went quickly, with the rain drizzling gently (mostly!), and a great big slash in a puddle which I just didn't see in the very first minute(!) then the second was up just as I got to the first steep short road. Up there, small steps, don't worry about the speed, just keep going. Along Church Road, trying not to notice that it's a gentle incline all the way! And then up the longer, steep road. I got further up there this time than last, but walked about 20-30m to the top as I was struggling to breathe, despite taking it slowly. Just as I got to the top and turned down the main road, that was 15 mins done! And the rain *really* set in.

Five minutes got me back down to the junction with Church Road, so back along there as far as the junction with the very steep road, turn round and head back along, wondering just how mad the couple snuggled together in the bus shelter must think I was! Back down the short steep road, and I decided to turn right at the bottom and run along the wet and deserted high street. Up the little loop-y bit near the main junction, and back down to the high street. Another five minutes done somewhere along there.

Past the youth club meeting place, up the gentle incline which is barely noticeable when I run down it the other way, getting tired but determined to keep going. This part of the village has some very handy roads which loop round, so I can choose whether to go straight along, or go round to add distance. Adding distance tonight, and Laura says it's the last five minutes now. I knew it would take me a bit more than that to reach 5k, but hooray that the end was almost in sight...

Going round the big loop, Laura said that was the 35 mins done. The rain had finally eased off, so I decided to risk getting my phone out of my pocket to see how far I'd got. 3.04 miles (or thereabouts!), which included 0.29 of warmup walk. So I needed to get to 3.4 running. Another few minutes will do it. I'm not stopping now!

Back onto the road towards youth club as Teen Rainbow will be finishing soon... And *done*. 39 mins exactly. Not fast, but I really don't care! It's the same distance as 5k in 30 mins! ;)

Four weeks yesterday til the 5k I'm signed up for. There's a chance I might just manage to run it all! :) But now I'm feeling cold and damp. Not nice, so time for pjs and bed! :)

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I would have thought it was pretty good (it's all about perspective...), especially in mucky weather.

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Turns out it's about 30 seconds quicker than my previous 5k three or four weeks ago :) So much for me being sure it must be my slowest ever! :D

Looking forward to tomorrow night's run now - but what to do???

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Err, run??


Lol, yes, a good start! :D (I was thinking more in terms of do I go for intervals, or a slightly faster 30 mins, or whatever, but I take your point! ;) )


Yeah! Well done! Brilliant run. You will definitely be running the full 5k if thats what you are aiming for. Just keep running regularly and somehow our legs get the message !


I'd like to get in the habit of running 5k every Sunday evening while Teen Rainbow is at youth club - the next village is much better for doing this sort of distance in the evening, what with having pavements, street lights, and (crucially) rather more than 3 roads! I know some weeks it just won't happen, for what ever reason - but yesterday could so easily have been one of those as I forgot to get ready to run before dropping her off, so had to go home, sort out food for Smaller Rainbow and Mr Rainbow, then get changed and go with enough time to run before collecting the Teen.

So having had such a good run on an almost-didn't-go evening, that should hopefully give me the incentive to do it again! ;)


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