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Graduate running

Well I have done two runs since graduation. I am loving it! I did a speed type one first and ran a km as fast as I could and then another km. Then today I did a 2.28 mile really hilly route but still managed to shave time of the last time I did it. At one point I was running up the main road and it fell amazing! I was breathing great, no effort almost but still charging along. It was a flat and then the next hill came back and I turned into a hot sweaty mess. I think I might try my very flat 5k route on tuesday and see if I can improve the time. My aim at the moment is to do my local park run. I looked at their results though and I would have been limping in last. I know it does not matter but as someone who never excelled at sport (which is very much an understatement) I cannot cope with the thought so I am looking for a 30 - 35 minutes time before I attempt. I am also now head to toe clad in lidl running gear :)

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Well done Loubee. Sounds like you had a great time out there


Well done Loubee sounds like you had a great time out there


Me too! I'm going back for the orange vest!

Well done on your running. It sounds like you have got the bug.


Being a C25K graduate myself , and having run quite a few 5K Parkruns and most of my 3 runs per week are of the 5K variety - I am coming to the conclusion that we ( Graduates) need to do some short fast runs . For example - your 1klm fast and 1 klm jog . or maybe what they call "progression" runs where you run progressively faster during the course of the run ( regardless of how long it is) . I already do LOTS of hill work because running just about anywhere around where I live means HILLS!


Thank you all. I am the same for hills. I live on top of one ( never really realised before) . I have a route that runs through the park that is fairly flat but I have to do laps. Pretty much every other route involves an initial run downhill and a subsequent significant climb. I have fallen into a pattern of starting the c25k weeks on the flat and then moving onto hillier routes. I did two flat out km with a walk in-between and it does seem to have improved my time today. I don't want to run 10k as I like to be out no longer that 40 minutes. It just fits in better.


Hi, you sound a lot like me Loubee :)

I find that a run of 40 mins max fits in with my available time - and it's perfect - long enough to get some proper decent exercise, three times a week.

And I've never been at all sporty at any time in my life, so to be able to do this running now still amazes me.. I'm not sure I could cope with any hills though.. I'm lucky enough to have plenty of foot/cycle paths on a pretty much flat route.

Long may we continue to enjoy this running lark :) :)


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