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I Did it! !!!!!!!!

Have been using this website for a few weeks now but only really the question and answer part ( for when i was stuck etc). But last week i started to read some blogs, really makes you feel that anyone can do this! Well yesterday was my week 5 run 3 my dreaded 20 min run which like most of us i never believed was possible, but after reading caz1 blog i started to think maybe just maybe i could run for 20 mins so off i set half way was hard but i just kept caz1 in my head ( thanks caz1) and i kept going and before i knew it i had 2 mins left and there was no way then i was going to stop. So thanks to all you regular bloggers that help to spur on us blog readers and even made me wanna blog myself!

Heres to week 6 x

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I remember when I heard Laura say "today we will be running for 20 minutes' and I actually stopped walking to check I was on the right week! Well done!


Well done. This is a milestone run as once you do it then you know you can do the whole programme.


Oh, now I am scared - 20 minutes really? I better go buy an oxygen mask - welcome to the blog, hope you stay and keep us all updated.

and congratulations by the way :-)


Good job... enjoy that oh-so-proud feeling! :D


Oh wow well done. :-D Its just such an amazing feeling isn't it. And for me it's so nice to know my blog has help someone so thank you. :-D Good luck with your next run. We can and will do this.


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