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Back in the game baby :D

I began c25k last year - and got to week 7..running for 25 minutes - experienced all the elation that goes with that (me - run-25 minutes..really - yes :D) and then started a new job in childcare in November and pretty much had one bug after another..enough to stop me running :( . Was going to attempt after Christmas, but no, the second wave of bugs hit me then - nasty virus, stomach bug, Norwalk virus..endless it seemed - and not being able to run, or indeed see when i would be able to run again was rubbish (and that's the really polite words).

So after getting my head around it all, and posting a blog on here, taking peoples advice I decided I would begin again, at wk 1 when I knew I was fit enough .

That day was yesterday.

Boy wk1r1 is a lot easier second time around - I was running with a grin like a village idiot - knowing that not all my fitness and stamina had gone was epic.

thighs a bit stiff this morning - but roll on r2.

This time around i have dumped Laura (sorry Laura, it's nothing personal..its not you..its me.. I've changed....) and in its place run double pro - yes its a bit mechanical..but with my own playlist of favourite dance tunes its the upgrade i needed (for when i get to graduation i have Zombie run - but that's my graduation gift to myself). I also kinda like the stats - that will give me other targets later on

Feels so good to be running again - I so missed it and now have the added bonus (as i run outside) that in a couple weeks the clocks go back and the evenings will be lighter so i can do one run a week after work.

Funny - because I am doing this all over again I am so excited about what's ahead, even though I know whats coming..I cant wait for those long runs again :D :D

Very happy lady today (and would really like to do wk1r2 today but know I should rest)

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Well done, I also have had a enforced rest, but only 3 weeks. My first run yesterday I did wk1 r1 just see how my ankel stood up to the running... I was surprised by how out of breath I felt, so very different experience to you! :-)


I exected it to be much tougher Lynds - guess running around after the little peeps at work has helped with keeping some level up..but time will tell - sure I will be gasping by week 3 - hope your ankle held up ok :D


Congrats on getting back to C25K. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.


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