Hi everyone... I have just completed the c25k. My legs are aching, feet a little sore but who cares, I got there. I couldn't sleep last as I had such a dreadful slog of a run on Sunday that I was worrying I wouldn't complete the final run. BUT I DID IT,no short cuts, out in all weather conditions and with not much time on my hands with work, little girl etc..The podcast/ Laura kept me going and feel I will miss Laura. I am unsure what I will do next. I know I really struggled on the 30 min runs so I may do few more weeks of 25 and 30 min runs before i dare run for longer. I have signed up for race for life and will run it too. Definitely gunna get some new trainers and maybe some posh running clothes, after all I am officially a runner now. Wohoo. Thank you to everyone who has posted me encouraging words and kept me going when I had my bad days. Good luck to all of you and all of your running challenges, i know i have the running bug now so i will keep on running. Ps: how do I get my graduation badge.:-) looking forward to being a graduate. Hee hee


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  • If you look to your right (on the screen in front of you that is, LOL) there is a title "graduation Badges" If you click on that and follow the links to claim your virtual Graduation badge

    Well done on Graduating. You're now a runner!!! I agree, new running shoes and some fancy new duds are a must. You have to look the part don't you. I was looking at Nike Running yesterday and there are some fancy tees and pants on there let me tell ya!

    You need to download the C25+ podcasts now (still with good old Laura) and they will take you to the next stage in your running. You can download those hereabouts too

  • Thank yo miss wobble. I will defo check out the c25+...yikes. Thanks for the badge help.

  • Congratulations, that's fantastic!!! I can't even imagine getting that far as I've only just finished W1R3 but people like you give me the confidence to think that maybe I can do it. Keep on running!!

  • hooray - well done ! I graduated last month and am keeping to 3 runs a week. Saturday when I have more time I'm gradually adding time (longest run so far has been 46 minutes). Weekdays I'm sticking to 30 minutes with the idea I might eventually get faster and increase the distance. (currently I can only do 3km in 30 minutes, but thats 3km more than I could do before the programme). I'm experimenting with using my own music, not listening to anything at all, and listening to radio 4 podcasts...

  • You are most definitely a runner, well done you! Yes a nice treat sounds well deserved to me. I was going to do more 30 minute runs as I haven't found any of the runs all that comfortable but I started the stepping stones podcast this morning and really enjoyed it, so I can recommend it. x

  • Congratulations - such a great feeling!

  • Well done! Keep on running!

  • Congratulations - you are indeed a runner - enjoy the moment and good luck with the race for life :)

  • thank you.x

  • Whoo-hoooo! Congratulations - so pleased to hear your news & see your graduation badge. I bet you feel amazing.

    Happy graduation running!! :)

  • thanks LS. i do indeed, still beeming. Friend at work told me to aim for a 10k run in july but felt i really struggled to do this so maybe next year. x

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) well done to you, we are all doing well this week! I'm going to try the Stepping stones podcasts and also like you some more 30 min runs....did my 1st post grad run last night and it felt good :)

  • Onwards and upwards.

  • Huge congratulations. I am getting there although I have a long way to go atm (W2r3) so your post is so encouraging! I bought the Nike tights which I really like. I bought Karimor ones first but took them back as they didn't fit me correctly. A treat is definitely in order now. Well done!

  • Thanks kickibro. I am defo going to invest in some running tights as my leggings just don't look the part anymore ha ha. I was going to venture out tonight for my first run since graduating but for the first time since starting the c25k the windy weather as put me off, it's extremely gusty though. Certainly running tomorrow though. Good luck with w3.

  • Thank you. Good luck with the stepping stones podcasts x

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