I've done it! :D :D :D

Week 9 all done and completed and has been the best weeks' worth of runs so far, with today's topping the charts of any run done so far (no guesses as to why that would be ) :D

Run 1 started out cloudy and then rained for the last half so arrived at my destination slightly damp but happy

Run 2 was near perfect conditions There was a heavy frost but the sun was shining and the road/track was clear of ice, with hardly a breath of wind. It really was the most beautiful of runs and completed in a good time too. And it gave me the feeling that with another day like that I could possibly even get to do 5k in 30 mins! :o

Run 3 was into a head wind all the way, cloudy but no rain. It was only when the wind momentarily dropped that I realised I would have been running faster without the resistance lol :D So I did my final 30 mins which I had hoped would cover the 5k but not to be so I continued running and did 5.2k in 35 mins. Well chuffed as it was deffo harder running into the wind and the wind seemed to get stronger as I neared the end too!

It's amazing to think that when I found this site (entirely by mistake I might add) I had not even had any notion of running at all. Reading the posts on here convinced me that it might be worth a shot so I have a lot to thank you guys for. And for your continued support and wonderful posts. Of course, there is the lovely Laura to thank too, though it's probably time to fess up here.... I did the last 5 runs without her and loved every minute of it :o And most of all I would like to thank my lovely hubby for cheering me on and being so supportive and proud of me for doing this and for being there at the end of my graduation run :D And as an added bonus we sat and watched the squirrels playing while I had my celebratory water and clementine :)


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  • Congratulations Hilbean - fantastic achievement and now to party like it's 2014 ;-)

  • Thanks! It's a great way to see in the new year :D

  • Congratulations!

  • Great news and well deserved!I hope 2015 brings more running!(Thinking of you & OH...x)

  • Thanks. Definitely thinking of where we can go next :)

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations! That's great news and a lovely way to end the year. Enjoy celebrating ☺x

  • Congratulations. I'd dismissed the idea of running for years as being a long time smoker I thought my lungs wouldn't be up to it, but this program is truly amazing.

  • Certainly is! And great people on here too :) Glad your lungs have proved you wrong ;)

  • Yeah!!!!! Well done Hilbean!!!! Major Pom-Pom shaking going on here!!!! Any idea what the next step is for you? I have 5 runs left and can't decide whether to increase time/distance or run 5k faster. I think go for longer as I can't see me being able to pick up speed just yet.

  • Thanks! Loving the pom-poms :D Haven't really got a concrete plan but think we might try looking for other routes. Quite fancy increasing the distance slowly over time but would still really like to get 5k in 30 mins. I'm sort of loosely working on the idea that if I build up stamina by increasing distance that should make it easier to do 5k faster. Not sure if that's the right way of thinking though ;)

    You're so close to finishing now, it'll be lovely to see you graduate :) I really loved these last 2 weeks :)

  • What great news, Hilly! I thought you'd gone a bit quiet for the last week or so. I'm so glad for you and hubby, such a good, positive way to finish the year! Can't wait to see your badge, hurry up and apply!

    I wish you and hubby (does he actually have a name? lol) a Happy New Year, and hope it stays that way!

  • Did he take a celebratory pic?

  • Errm no he didn't! Apparently red squirrels are a lot more photogenic ;)

  • Thanks John. Been caught up in family festivities/visits in between runs and didn't want to bore everyone with a blow by blow account of each of my last 3 runs ;) (Until today haha) Just applied for my badge now so hope that will appear soon.

    Happy New Year to you too from myself and hubby Derek ;)

  • Brilliant Hilbean - great finish to the year! I think you could allow yourself something stronger than water to celebrate with!

    Lots of new running adventures waiting for you in 2015!

  • Haha thanks. Maybe tonight ;)

    Really looking forwards to getting out and about next year :) Lots of new places to try out hopefully :)

  • Thank you! So pleased to be seeing the New Year in as a graduate :) And my hubby is a real gem :) x

  • Hey Hilbean. You did it, I had no doubt but you finished in style congratulations. Double fizz tonight

  • Thanks Juliejam. I certainly can have some double fizz tonight but I suspect it might see me in bed before midnight haha :D

  • That's brilliant!! Well done you!!! What an end to the year! Go celebrate! Nice shiny badge btw!!!

  • Thanks! And loving the badge that has appeared as if by magic :)

  • Wow ! That sounds a great way to graduate ! Well done you..hope you have many happy running adventures in 2015.

  • I have loved today :) And really looking forward to running next year :D

  • Fantastic... well done... enjoy all your future runs :-)

  • Thanks. Really looking forward to getting out there again :)

  • Oh Hilly, I am so pleased for you ! Congratulations on your Graduation, the badge is looking mighty fine Missus !

    What a fab point to finish the year off with, you saved the best to the last ha ha ! :-) May 2015 bring you lots of fantastic running adventures . The worlds yer lobster !

    All the very best to you and Mr Hilly, Happy New Year ! xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug :) It was really good to finish the year with a high and I feel unbelievably pleased at achieving that graduation badge too :) And isn't the world a crazy place? ;) haha :D

    Happy New year to you and yours too! xx

  • BIG Congratulatiosn Hilbean :D it is a fantastic feeling enjoy every moment of graduating :D

  • Thanks Rob (there's no way I'm calling you slow!!). I'm still feeling the glow :D

  • Woo Hoo! Well done hilbean! Fantastic effort & a great way to round off the year!

  • Thanks :)

  • Many congratulations to you hilbean! What a brill way to head into next year, may it be Happy and full of Cool Runnings!

    I shall be lamenting the day when clementines are once again out of season because i believe what they say, Citrus Is Recovery!!!

  • Thank you! And I didn't know that about citrus but it makes sense because my body seems suck it up. Might have to resort to oranges when they go out of season.

  • Generations of footballers/hockey players/ netballers couldn't be wrong ...

  • So true. The penny hadn't dropped with that one, but you're absolutely right! :)

  • Ta daaaaa! Satsumas, clementines, mandarins, oranges like you say, half a lemon squeezed into boiled water on a chilly day ... very very good! Grapefruit probably too but then i'd want it grilled with brown sugar which is not especially practical while watching squirrels .....

  • Mmm... I like all of those :D

  • That's brilliant Hilbean, congratulations on your graduation ! (postponed my run until Thurs or Fri due to bad weather) x

  • Thank you Girly! And boo to bad weather :( Can't wait to see you with your graduation badge. Hope you get better weather so you can get out there xx

  • Brilliant Hilbean. Water and clementine? You know how to celebrate! Congratulations and what a great time for your W9R3. Happy running in 2015 :)

  • Thanks Slookie. Bit early in the morning for anything stronger ;) Might splash out tonight and have a wee tipple though :)

  • Congratulations Hilbean! Hoping to get back on the way to graduation myself tomorrow when I start Wk7 after 8 whole days off.

  • Thanks! And good luck with the rest of your runs. You've already hit the point of being called a runner so there's no turning back now :) Bet it feels good to be getting back to it. Happy running and Happy New Year :)

  • Congratulations! A great way to end the year. Well done!

  • Thank you :)

  • Wow Hil, congratulations m'dear. What a way to finish too-a 5k into a headwind in a very very respectable time. Ain't no stopping you now. That Graduate badge suits you. Have a brilliant New Year x

  • I was chuffed to bits :) Thank you and wishing the same for you too x

  • I knew you'd be graduating around now so came to see. Well done hilbean. Sounds like you've had a storming week. Well done and wishing you a happy new year. What do you plan on doing now?

  • Thanks Barbara. Was a great week :) Think I might just consolidate for a bit and maybe try out some different routes but aiming ultimately to increase distance and improve on time for the 5k. Reckon I might actually run the Race for Life this year. That'll be a first :) I have previously done it with my daughters and on both occasions one of them was pregnant so it was a walk and waddle for life (not that I would have been able to run it then and I'm not telling which one of us was waddling haha) ;)

  • Fab sounds great. Similar to what I plan on doing. Me and my friend have today been looking at a 5km for our local hospice which is run through walls of soapy bubbles!! Sounds like fun. It's in May at Oulton Park. We also have a 10km in our village on it's second year in August so I'm tentatively thinking about that depending on how I go for jan,feb and March I think :) Have fun xx

  • Fantastic! That sounds like fun :D The 10k sounds like a nice one to aim for too. At least you've got time to think about that one :) Happy running xx

  • Well done you. Great ain't it?

  • Wonderful :)

  • what a fab post, congratulations! :-D

  • Thanks :)

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