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Wk2 run1


After debating whether I could move to week 2 - and positive motivation talk on here - my run went exactly like this:

90 second run one - on an incline - managed about 70 seconds - felt very mad at my self

Penultimate run -dog was tired and decided to bite the lead - great distraction as I managed the run whilst dealing with a lazy 3 year old stroppy staffies

Last run - again this was uphill (no flats where I live!) got about 30 seconds in and died! So I walked for 2 minutes and ran another 60 seconds and extended my cool down.

So slightly cheated - but feel like I can push myself on Friday.

Thanks for everyone's reply on my last post! I can do this!

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You have found your own solution it seems. Distraction. I found it hard running for a set period of time as you are just waiting for the time to stop. And we all know when you are waiting for something time seems to stand still.

Try to find something else to focus on other than the time.

to distract myself I run listening to music and keep the stopwatch on my phone going. but if you are running in traffic its best to keep your ears on! Sounds like you did a great run and up hill is very tough to begin with both mentally and physically, so well done you!

DjrawGraduate in reply to Lilybell

I have set up a running playlist - I think I need to change it though! Thanks for the reply x

Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to Djraw

I stick the radio on my phone. At least that way in getting different tunes all the way round and usually find myself mentally singing along. The run section is over before I know it.

Well done for getting out there and completing another run. Sx

DjrawGraduate in reply to Sarah_lou18

That's a great idea!


Well done...and do not push at all...just go, slow and steady:)

Take it slow and steady running with hills is a toughie, especially in the early days of the programme. And btw it isn't recommended - i found that out in about Week 6! So as Oldfloss recommends take your time and in time your stamina will improve. And if a run doesn't work out, no sweat just give it another go.... good luck fellow hill runner

DjrawGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I know - I live in a place called high crompton- name says it all ! I really do take my time - I have no other choice ! Man - I am not looking that far ahead! Thanks for the motivation x

Well done! I live in a hilly spot too bit have found a nice flat circle. Windy today. I'm right behind you w2 on Saturday for me

DjrawGraduate in reply to BeattieBF

A weird occurrence this morning - I want to run today!!!

BeattieBF in reply to Djraw

Lol!! It's true. Very addictive I think.


Well done you!!

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