Yeeha I've done it

Finished wk9 last run and managed 4.40k but it was SO hard. I thought I was not going to do it. Kept pushing till the end. I would NEVER have though at 61 I would be able to run nearly 5k in 30 minutes. Thanks to all of you out there who have helped me in all the ways you have. Did anyone else have a slight lump in their throat when Laura said it's been great helping you on your way to running? Now to decide what to do now. I have considered the stepping stones.


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  • Yabbadabbadooooo!!!! Congratulations. We knew you could do it.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • That Maturelady is a fantastic effort. Well done to you!

  • Congratulations m'dear, that's a great achievement. Why not spend a couple of weeks consolidating w9 before moving on. The c25k+ podcasts are a great next step and get great results but they are noticeably harder. What ever you decide to do, enjoy your running :)

  • That's brilliant! Well done, you must be so proud! I didn't like the stepping stones program but lots of people do so give it a try.

    Have you considered Parkrun? It's a teeny bit further than you've done but lots of people have little walk when they need to. There's every ability, age and size there and everyone is really encouraging. Once again, well done!

  • I am doing the race for life in July so have enough time to get to 5k by then.

  • Congratulations and well done ML.

  • Clapping my hands for you in the South of France - can you hear me? Congratulations!

  • I CAN hear you thank you

  • Well done I did w9 run 1 today if feels great to be nearly there

  • Woohoo go you!! Well done i am just behind you one run left πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations, well done. Its a great feeling isn't is? I got a lump in my throat, and I had a big daft grin. 😊

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel very proud of yourself.

  • really well done, a great achievement for you :D .it is an emotional thing , I think we mostly have had a few tears of joy or relief on graduation :D it is an amazing program

  • Brilliant! Many congratulations, from one mature lady to another! :)

  • Not only a lump but actual tears here...It's emotional because its a big achievement and you know how much hard work you've put in to get to this stage. Many congratulations !

  • Don't cry. You'll get me going, and we'll drown everybody.

  • Great stuff, well done, enjoy your running x :-)

  • Well done. That's a really good effort. You should be proud of yourself. Just keep getting out there and push the time spent running up ever so slightly and you'll be at 5K. I reckon that, if you went to parkrun next Saturday you'd probably complete that 5K in well under 40 minutes. You are so close. Congratulations. Enjoy it.

  • That's brilliant. Well done Maturelady. As to what to do next, why don't you just get out there and enjoy your running for a while with no pressure for speed or distance?

  • Maturelady, you are a star. Well done indeed. You said it was hard? As you go forward now you will find that whenever you push yourself a little more to achieve your next goal that is always hard. The trick is to accept it and revel in it.


  • Congratulations! You are an inspiration. I shall also be running my first Race for Life in July. Shall think about you

  • Congratulations to you !

    Happy Graduation Day :-) xxx

  • Yaaaaaasssss! Fabuloso result. Many congrats. Happy running! 😊

    PS. I've done a few runs without Laura since Graduation & loved the sense of freedom. I'm only now starting to think of Stepping Stones. Do whats right for you! X

  • Hooray! Congratulations Maturelady! It is, an immensely emotional achievement, I think :-) and that's a good graduation run, too! Well done! I used the C25K+ stepping stones podcast when I graduated but, as AncientMum said, they are noticeably harder, so I would second her advice and have a couple of weeks consolidation first. :-)

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