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Back to it after the 'twang'

Hi all, just a little update after all your helpful advice a few weeks ago. (For those who didn't read my ramblings, I was out for one of my regular 10k ish runs and something went twang in my left calf, immediate hobbling ensued)

I went to see the GP the next day who after a 2 min look at my leg told me to get back running asap! hmm, after i just dragged my leg into your room you think i can run?! i spoke to the running trainer at the gym and she was horrified and told me in no uncertain terms not to run! After resting it completely, icing and ibuprofening for a week I went back to the gym and started on the bike - an hour of cycling and 30k later I finished with a tentative and light resistance setting on the x-trainer, a bit sore but no dramatic incidents. Carried this on through the next 10 days with no ill effects.

Finally went to see a sports physio last week as I was too scared to run in case it went twang again lol. She gave me a good going over (ouch) and told me I have never really got over a slight ankle sprain in Sept last year, but I was healing well, but I definitely pronate and am heading towards flat feet :-/. (I've always been told I have high arches, oh well...). So I have some strengthening exercises and mega-stretches to do and strict instructions to go get proper built up 'special' shoes for running, or I won't be running for much longer, apparently it is as simple as that folks - eek! So that's next month's pay spent then lol.

Friday I gingerly went for my first run in nearly 3 weeks, following the new rules set down by the Evil Lady of Pain, sorry Physio, of 1k walk 1k run and no hills (sounds too good to be true lol). Too scared to go too far from the gym in case I had to limp back so did laps around the block. Went well, did 5k (3 walk 2 run) and no twanging! Did all my stretches and iced/ibuprofen when I got home. Went out again today in the snow and we did 9k (5 w 4 r) and more ice when I got home.

So it's all go again albeit a little slowly, but it could be could for my training to mix it up with more interval type runs so its all good :-). Lessons to learn are - don't ignore injuries and 'run through' them and get professional advice on gait/shoes (you might not need special shoes but its got to be worth finding out - without your feet you're nothing). Oh, and don't listen to your GP!

Happy runnings people :-)

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Good to see you're back again. Curious advice about being both high arched and flat footed?! Very strange! :)


Well, much as I hate to say it I think my mum and the people who used to try unsuccessfully to get my feet into long riding boots when I was a child (feet just wouldn't go round the corner into the bottom of the boots) must have been wrong about the high arches. It's not something I've ever really followed up. Nope, flat floppy feet it is lol ;-)


Great advice. Thank goodness you did all the right things and it sounds like it is going well post twang :)


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