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W4R3 - Is it new shoes time?

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Hi All,

I said from day one that if and when I completed W4 I would treat myself to new shoes. I decided before I set out that if I did it, and felt ok by the end of the last run I would try to run a bit longer to a max of an extra 2 mins (like last week). This was suggested to me last week for the last run, and I did it and it helped to alleviate doubts about the upcoming week.

It’s a grey murky day here today, but not raining so that was a plus. Did the pre run stretches as per, toddled off, and managed to do it plus the extra 2 mins. Legs very achy, but post run stretches helped with that.

So husband is taking me to Decathlon in Sheffield on Sunday, and I’ve told him to bring his wallet! I’ve never been before, but many people on here talk about their running gear positively so I’m off to check them out. I know gait analysis will probably be recommended and I’ve read the post and other stuff online, and as I’m buying trail shoes I’m just going to try some on and go for comfort.

Sorry for the long post.......

Track of the run: Dynamite - Taio Cruz......need to create my own playlist 😉

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Well done wenderwoo new running shoes 👏👏👏👏don’t stop there if the other half is paying spend spend spend 😂😂😂😂😂

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to pete1212

Thanks, and that’s a very good idea!

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pete1212Graduate in reply to Wenderwoo

You deserve it for all the hard work I am sure go for a full running outfit 😂😂😂😂

I bought new running shoes very soon after starting C25K as my very old gym shoes just weren't cutting it and the soles of my feet were in agony, I could hardly finish the short intervals. I haven't had a gait analysis done though, I just tried shoes on. My feet haven't hurt since I bought some Asics. They do a gait analysis at Up & Running in Sheffield but I haven't been yet.

I usually go to Decathlon in Sheffield. Bought some tops, jacket, running belt and running gloves from there. Good value too. I hope your hubby treats you to lots of running gear 😊

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to

I think I’ll be like a kid in a sweetie shop, haha!

in reply to Wenderwoo

I would too 😆

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You’re progressing brilliantly! 👏🏻 I’m a fan of Decathlon running gear, their tights+ have a great pocket on the back for keys and on the side of the leg for a phone. Tops are great too. I suppose trail shoes are a bit different from road shoes as I believe they don’t do support/antipronation? But I do know how easy it is for the wrong shoes to do bad things... I found as I know lots of others do that I’ve needed to go up a whole size to be sure they don’t pinch my tendons. Have a fun trip!

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Jazzyrunner

Thanks, Yes, I’ve read a lot about shoe types etc, on various running websites. I’ve also been into go outdoors trying on various brands and even men’s shoes as I have wide feet. That’s why I want to go and try them on rather than order on-line. I may end up getting ana analysis if I’m not completely happy 😁

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Sook2Graduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Definitely try them on and get proper gait analysis. Good running shops often let you take them out for a run around the block if not on treadmill. As you are running think about how they feel on your foot. Anything tight or rubbing? How is your foot striking (ie which part of the foot comes down first?). Once you’ve found the shoe for you stick to it, then you can order online when you have to replace.

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JazzyrunnerGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

I think you’re so wise to try on, not buy online 👍🏻 and taking your time too 👏🏻 They’ll be your running partners for months to come, so you need the right ones!

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Great on hubby treating you to new shoes but you MUST get gait analysis, then the correct shoe for your running style not just comfort. You will be spending a lot of money, dont make a mistake. You are doing so well, keep happy keep running

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Wow, Wenderwoo, you so deserve those new shoes! 😊👏👏👍 And I'm soo curious to know the results of your shopping trip to Sheffield, so keep us posted!

I feel for your husband at graduation.......... 🤑

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Justexistin

Haha! Hadn’t thought of that, But it’s a very good point 😜

2 seater convertible????

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Justexistin

Great idea! 🚘 Ferrari of course 🐴

Hey, well done Wenderwoo, another week finished, you go girl! I decided to purchase a proper pair of running shoes before I even started C25K and although I bought them online and didn't have gait analysis they have proved to be brilliant and a worth-while investment. They were so light and comfortable right from the start which helped me feel more like a runner straight away, I don't regret buying them one bit (and hopefully your hubby will feel the same!). I look forward to hearing about your spending spree at Decathlon and how you go in Week 5.

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Alast

Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing your next post re W4..... and have everything crossed for you (slow, slow, slow) 🤞🏼😁

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Alast in reply to Wenderwoo

Thanks, hopefully this will be some time tomorrow, as long as the weather isn't horrendous (actually, I've just checked & Sunday looks even worse, so tomorrow it will have to be!)

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Well done you! You’ve earned your shopping trip! I’ve topped up my running wardrobe after advice from the site re. proper running leggings - did first run in full kit this morning and couldn’t believe the difference! No more heavy aching post run legs! Well worth picking up a few extras to go with your lovely new shoes! Enjoy 👍👟👟

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to 2flatfeet

Yes, somebody else mentioned that leggings had helped them - now on the list 😁

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2flatfeetGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

👍 definitely get some cosy running gloves too! 😁

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to 2flatfeet

I actually got some gloves and socks in the Aldi special buy event earlier this week, but no harm looking 😜

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2flatfeetGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

😆 enjoy! 👍

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Be interesting to get gait analysis done but trail shoes are neutral anyway, I think. It is recommended to go up at least a half size from your usual shoe size as feet expand during running so you want a bit of extra room. Enjoy choosing your perfect pair - well deserved! And you have to post a pic on here, it's the law. 😂

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Debston

Ah yes, I believe it’s known as shoe porn 😊

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2flatfeetGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo


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No Decathlon in the South West 🙁.

Looking forward to visiting my son in Manchester 😁

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All trail shoes are neutral so no point in a gait analysis - that’s for road shoes. Enjoy shopping though - love new running shoes. I’ve just got hoka speedgoats for trails. Boing boing!

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Yes, that’s what I had read, and about getting slightly bigger size, but not too big. Comfort and width are my main aim..... 🦘(no zebedee emoji, so next best thing) 😜

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Ooooooo enjoy your visit to decathlon. I hope you find some lovely shoes! 😁

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I like the idea of trying to run further in the last run section. I completed week 3 tonight and felt I could have gone a bit longer but didn't want to risk pushing too hard. Might try it next time though just to see. Well done

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A shopping trip to reward your efforts is a fab idea. I got to week 3/4 and treated myself. Following many people’s advice on here I did get the gait analysis done to ensure I was investing in the right trainers so would listen to that advice

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Fairy220480

The thing is is that trail shoes are all neutral, so gait is not really relevant. Obviously fit is, but I think I can determine that myself.

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Fairy220480Graduate in reply to Wenderwoo

But if hubby is treating you make sure you come away with lots of treats! 😊

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Happy shopping 🛍😀 Looking forward to the obligatory pic 👟👟

I love my altra torins - even specially designed for women’s feet apparently 🏃‍♀️😊

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to MummyTum

Yes, I’ve seen the Altra’s and they cater for wider feet too. Will bear in mind 🤔

Well done. I'm massively impressed.

You got this!

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Did you get your new running shoes wenderwoo

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to pete1212

We’re going tomorrow.....husband is currently insulating the loft!

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Go and lock him up there and spend all his money 💰😂😂😂😂

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to pete1212

Haha! I’ll be doing that anyway.....💸💵💰

Congrates on completing this run. I love your treat

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