And then something went twang!

Afternoon all, hope you're all enjoying your running in this chilly weather. I've been doing this running malarkey for almost a year now and am now working towards a 10k through central London in May - cant wait! Since I left London 5/6 years ago I've hankered after going back and runnng along my favourite river (something I couldn't have even imagined ever doing when I lived there and was 5 stone heavier!).

Anyway, I digress, loving the running and the addictive buzz that comes afterwards. In fact I even took the afternoon off work on one of those beautiful sunny days we had last week, just because I wanted to go out for a run! Felt amazing, out there in the sunshine in the countryside - something I've not felt since I had my horse as a teenager! Awesome!!

Oops, digressing again........(I am obsessed lol).......trained really well last week- 2 11k runs, a 6k and an 8k - and a rather boring (but warm) session on the cross trainer. Went out this morning for my usual Sunday morning long but relaxed run with my running partner and only a km in and something went twang in the mid to bottom part of my calf. Had to stop immediately and hobbled back to the car in much pain. My calf had been feeling stiff all week but I just put it down to the usual aches and pains and had been carefully stretching after each run with no ill effects, I guess it was something building up until it all went ping today. I've googled it and am relieved to see it is unlikely to be the Achilles' tendon as I should be in a lot more pain and unable to move my toes properly (well, according to my self diagnosis), hopefully just a muscle strain. But what was the twang I felt? Like a big elastic band inside my calf - I definitely felt something move in there! I'm icing it for 15 mins every couple of hours and won't run until it feels 'normal' again I guess.

Can anyone offer any treatment advice please? Should I see the doctor? I don't want to waste their time but I don't want to ignore something which could be more serious than I want to think it is. Should I just go straight to my local sports injury clinic and pay for physio? (Which I may not need) Sorry, rambling, first injury like this and a little freaked out!

Ooh, husband is making dinner so save me getting up though - every cloud and all that!



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6 Replies

  • I'm infinitely less experienced than you but in reading what you say, I don't think anything going 'twang' is likely to be just a muscle strain.

    I haven't a clue how much a visit to the sports injury clinic is but I think I'd want to get it checked.

  • My dad had the same experience a few years ago whilst playing rounders, he was convinced one of us hit a golf ball into the bag of his leg! It turned out to be something to do with his tendon so I would definitely get it checked out. Good luck x

  • Running is obviously important to you - get this checked by a sports expert. (Not all GPs are.) A sports physio will either treat you, or put your mind at rest and give you some helpful suggestions. Money well spent I'd say. :-)

  • I'd definitely get it checked out fillyfoo. My husband damaged his Achilles playing squash a few years ago and he described his symptoms very similar to the twang you've described. He actually managed to drive home so I wouldn't dismiss an Achilles injury on the basis that you can move your toes. Let us know how you get on and hopefully it will be something that will heal relatively quickly :-)

  • Thanks guys, I think I'll see how it is in the morning and decide whether to bother the doctor and maybe the physio later in the week (after payday!). The ice once every 2 hrs seems to be helping - not quite as agonising as earlier. Maybe a nice glass of sloe gin will help too lol.


  • I ruptured my Achilles tendon and walked,worked drove for miles for 10 days before seeing my Physio who sent me to hospital! If you can't stand on tip toes then the tendon is either ruptured or partially ruptured

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