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Week 5 in the bag... but still fat

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I’ve just finished Week 5 run 3 and feeling jolly pleased with myself. Given I was struggling to even run 60 seconds a few weeks ago, I’ve made massive progress.

Although there were moments during the 20 minute run that felt difficult I never doubted I could do it, so my confidence is increasing as well.

What’s bothering me at the moment is that I haven’t seen my massive progress and effort reflected when I stand on the scales. I have never in my life done as much exercise as this and I guess I thought that by now I would have lost some weight. I’m pretty much the same weight as when I started.

It’s getting me down, but thankfully not to the extent that it’s putting me off running. I’m going things will change soon, after all, I took up running to try and lose some weight.

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I haven’t lost weight either 😢 but to be fair I’ve not adjusted my food either. We are only burning about 300 extra calories per session (or thereabouts depending on your weight) and I know I definitely feel I deserve a treat if I’ve run.

There are people on here who have lost weight, but they’ve also made sure they were eating less calories than they were burning.

I’m planning to knuckle down a bit over the summer - 🤞

Hello, and congrats on getting to week 6.

Like you I really struggled with 60 seconds in that first week. I also got a bit disheartened when I was t loosing any weight.

I did take some body measurements before I started though, so although the numbers on the scales haven’t gone down much, I have lost 2 1/2 inch round my middle.

I must admit, I haven’t been altering my diet or doing rest day exercise. If I had I think I would have seen better numbers.

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Well done for the big run.

It wasn’t until the later weeks that I started to lose any weight and then just a little. Now I’m starting to shed more but that’s down to fairly strict calorie counting most of the time.

I hope the bits you want to lose start to shrink. My experience is that ladies tend to lose the bits they’d rather keep, though 😳🤣

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FimooGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Yes to this!!!! 😭 Had to buy a sports bra two sizes down yesterday!

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Fimoo

My condolences for your loss.

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BehrGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Losses? 😂

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Behr


Hi Emma, it’s great that you’ve finished week 5. 😀 You have indeed made massive progress. Just keep at it and I’m sure you’ll get to 30 minutes of solid running before you know it 🙂

I’m no medical expert but I don’t think you can rely on running alone if your goal is lose weight. 😉 It’ll certainly help with your general health though. Maybe talk to your doctor or similar professional, or perhaps look online on NHS choices etc for advice on that? As I say, I’m not an expert but this is the sort of advice I’ve seen on here. 👍 Let us know how you get on 😊

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I'd def recommend taking some progress pics or measurements. I keep mine in a locked folder on my phone ( built in feature in Samsung phone but bound to be a similar thing or an app you can download) so that I dnt traumatise anyone 😁. Even in the weeks where I don't see a change on the scale I definitely notice my legs and backside shaping up a bit

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Well done for completing W5 😁 I haven't lost any weight but I have definitely lost inches around my waist, but I would say I only noticed this in week 7-9.

Someone on another thread recommended the myfitnesspal app along side C25K if weight loss is your goal, but don't have any experience of it personally.

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Excellent work with your running EmmaHunneyball! You should be very pleased with yourself - that 20 min run is a real milestone :-)

I wrote this post to hopefully give a more detailed explaination to people who are in your situation. It's long but hopefully there might be something in there that is of use to you.


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Well done for getting this far on the programme! I don't weigh myself so I've no idea about the scales but I have definitely toned up and am changing shape! I'm on week 9 and probably started to notice after week 5! Good luck with the rest of the programme!

Remember muscle weighs more than fat tho so you may have lost fat but gained muscle. As you move onto the longer runs your body goes more into fat burning mode. Your doing fab don't get disheartened

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Rignold in reply to Cazzajambo

I am afraid not. You do not gain muscle from running.

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Not a weigh loss programme...but linked with a healthy eating regime, you may see weight loss..or not...

Rignold can explain this much better than I :)

while i havent seen a huge number loss on the scale i have noticed my waist shrinking. Ive gone from 48 to 44 on my pants so i must be doing something right. Dont give up and keep on running

Hello, I am about a month past graduation and have managed to lose almost 2 stone but it only really started around week 7 for me. I do stick to a diet......roughly stick to it anyway! If you are eating sensible it should happen for you too. Don't be disheartened, I remember about week 6 thinking....I am not losing weight, what is the point! It sort of snuck up on me and I am sure it will for you too x

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I have been logging calories with MyFitnessPal app alongside running and that’s def helping me to shift some poundage 😊

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You’ll only lose weight if you’re dieting too

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