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Under the weather :(

Not feeling so good today. Been battling with a cold for the last few days but did my run on Tuesday night anyway. That was fine except for the snotty nose.

Went to my boxing class last night and that went fine. Felt ok except when I got back to my friend's house for the evening, my voice was starting to crack occassionally.

Woke up this morning with a really sore throat. Tonsills looking suspiciously icky. Starting to feel a bit achy although I'm trying to convince myself that's the after effects of yesterday's squats. Seriously starting to think I shouldn't be pushing myself this weekend. :(

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Think I've had the same thing... felt awful for 5 days. Yesterday was my first run for 9 days, and I was pleased with myself for managing 25 minutes (I graduated a couple of weeks ago), but felt completely knackered for the rest of the day! Go easy on yourself and feel better soon.


Don't push yourself too hard, maybe just go for walks instead of runs for a few days.

Feel better soon. :-)


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