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Darn tricksy english weather

W4R2 last night, took my kids back to their mums and felt a few light spots of rain starting on my walk home. Naturally I think to myself "fantastic! a bit of rain will be lovely for keeping me cool". I get home change for running (opting for Joggers rather than shorts due to the impending rain) and set off on my run.

Of course you can never rely on the English weather and instead of a nice bit of rain it gets warmer again and I wish I had gone for the shorts after all.

Still despite this little issue I again emerged triumphant (With a fair amount of help from John, Marilyn, Chester & Fred providing musical distraction) completing every interval and was even a smidge quicker than in W4R1.

Going to have to fit the last run for this week in sometime on saturday instead of friday this week but I am now confident of completing it

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Sounds like you're getting on really well. Well done.


Going well!

I always 'under dress' for the temperature as I know I will get so darn hot when I run!


Well done kermit, keep up the good work. Joggers of the bulky cotton kind are too hot and flappy, maybe you need some running tights of various lengths. You could treat yourself, a reward at the end of next week's runs.

I hope the running and healthy eating go well and that both objectives will be met and that a fit, slimmer new you will emerge in a few weeks time.

Keep us posted


Thanks, So far 1 stone down, its great to have people noticing the difference already


Brilliant news about the weight loss! Keep at it even when times it seem hard. It's the best thing I have ever done, not just because I look so darn hot now (Haha as if! ;-) ) but because I feel amazing!


Well done. Sounds like you're getting hooked. :) :)


Fantastic! You that is, not the British weather - haha it like to keep us guessing doesn't it! A bit of rain is always a fantastic excuse for a run! ;-)


Just popped to a sports shop near work at lunch and purchased a new pair of running shorts (been using a pair of cargo shorts mostly so far that are definitely not intended for running in) and a new running shirt so at least I will look more the part as I wheeze my way round the local streets


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