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Here we go again!

Second time round on C25K for me. I started first time round last April and ended up running the whole Race of Life in July. But then life and the weather conspired against me. Between October and December the drive (my running track) was pretty much flooded and I would have needed to run in wellies! Now with the lighter mornings I am starting again. I started last week and am now on W2R1. It feels fine so far - I think it is easier this time as my body seems to remember what it needs to do in terms of breathing etc. I am going to try and run every other day and do a gentle 5k on my indoor rower in between running days. I got the Race for Life e-mail yesterday and need to check the diary to see if I can do it again this year - with an earlier start to my training I could really look to do a good time this year. My other goal is to do a Parkrun, maybe in early May. Watch this space. Great to be back!

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Well done on getting started again. Others have seem to have made good progress second time around so I am sure it will work for you as well.


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