Here we go ...positive moves

Here we go ...positive moves

Not been a great year due illness, injury and a big fall flat on my. So last weekend I signed up for Race for Life 5k on the 10th May then the Woman's' 10k the following week on the 17th. On Monday the healthy eating started as my excess weight is contributing to back problems.

I am doing the Race for Life with my sister's black Labrador who easily does 10k's with me too.

So feeling very positive. I managed 3 runs this week they weren't that long but I feel back on the road so to speak.

Love been out there again.


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15 Replies

  • Well done! Glad to hear you're back in the saddle. The dog will really appreciate someone to play with!

    As you get back into your running you'll probably find the healthy eating easier. I hope so anyway

    Good luck. Great news about signing up for races! Nothing like a race to help focus the mind

  • Thank you,

    am hoping that the races are going to be my big incentive.

  • Glad to hear you are back to health. Long may it continue.

    Having experienced health issues myself and being out since October, I know how it feels to get back to running.

    Who would have thought prior to c25k that I'd miss running :)

  • Totally agree runner 56, I can't believe it 3 years now since I started, and I still love running.

  • Welcome Burstcouch. Looks like a plan. Now is the time to enjoy. Good luck & do come back to share the adventure & get the usual encouragement.

  • Thank you LordOberon, am hoping to make some progress in the intervening weeks .

  • Glad your back out there I know the feeling, just started again after 5 months on the couch ,good luck with your runs Pat

  • Thanks Pat, there will be no stopping you once you get into it again. I have found now not to be disappointed when things go wrong but just have the patience to take things at a slower pace now.

  • Good for you, i know how you feel as i experienced a fall back last summer and it shook my confidence big time. How lucky you are to having a willing partner in the dog, --- I lost my dog about 18months ago, heartbreaking moment in my life for i loved her so much,---- i am sure it must be wonderful to have a faithful friend running with you. Good luck with you quest.

  • Totally agree with you careof, I have lost confidence since my fall. I am still running with my fractured pinky not healed yet, but I have no pain with it. My face has healed, just a few areas still red. I have to admit the Labrador Murphy is my sister's. I have a pug who has wee short legs and couldn't run that far.

  • Great to hear you sounding so positive. Here's hoping the rest of the year just keeps on getting better and better. :)

  • I feel more positive, its not easy with the health diet, but am trying really hard. Its just all the little 'treats' I need to avoid.

  • That's great to hear, maybe one day I'll be up to your standard! I'm on W3R2 with a goal of running a solid 30 mins


  • Beetie, 3 years ago I had just begun and never believed I could even run 30 mins. By the end of the first year I decided to train for 10k. Of course I am 3 years older now and only started this at 52! Have always wanted to run outside and now I have achieved that dream I decided to face some challenges like the 10k. So far I have done 5 of them now.

  • Welcome back Burst ! So good to hear you're back out there enjoying your running and good for you for signing up to those races , they certainly help keeping you focused .

    I've got 2 pugs , they're certainly not built for speed are they ? :-)

    Lovely pooch , I hope you have a great time together ! xxx

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