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Snow won't stop play

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So after seeing a few posts debating whether to go out today or not due to weather and myself being in two minds i decided to go for it , trainers on , dog chucked out before he could scamper back in the warm , and off we went , 5 min into the run he stopped for a pooh and then again just after Jo said i had got half way (luckily near a bin this time ) poor Loki hated me this morning taking him out in the cold so I think he was doing it on purpose lol , but despite the two pit stops i completed week seven run one 😄🐶

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Snowy run complete... you and dog in tact..job done :) Move on, steady and slow:)

Well done both :)

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Stopped it here! Planned to go early this morning, looked out st my garden and thought better of it!

But then paths and roads were clear, so I should have...but then we went out for a walk, and I was soooo cold!! After a day of being out in it all day and freezing yesterday too, I just couldn’t!!

Well done you- clearly braver than me!!

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Mamabear5Graduate in reply to Seasidepanda

I went just before 9 and snow was on roofs but not roads , glad I did as an hour and half later everything was covered !

Tomorrows another day

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SeasidepandaGraduate in reply to Mamabear5

Working a night shift tonight. If it’s a snow day for schools I won’t get much sleep so snow might stop play again!! 😩

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Mamabear5Graduate in reply to Seasidepanda

Oh no ! Currently Keeping an eye on school closures , 2 locally have closed so only a matter of time , stay safe getting to work , I've been called in as I can walk to a few of our clients

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Well done Mamabear - hope you enjoyed your snowy run! 😀

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