What do you do on rainy days?

Hey all,

I'm about to head out for my second run of the year in the beautiful winter sun, but it's got me thinking - what do you do when it's rainy? Oxford is a pretty rainy place in the winter so I got a gym membership, but I didn't manage to go nearly as often as I would like because I find it a bit depressing and intimidating, so I'm basically starting C25K again :( I know the nice weather won't hold, and I don't think I can bring myself to run in the cold rain, so does anyone have a suggestions for maintaining fitness - it doesn't have to contain running, just something to stop myself going backwards!


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21 Replies

  • When it rains, I run! I love rain running, most of us do. Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!

  • I run in the rain! It's quite fun actually.

  • I'm another who runs in the rain. It takes a bit to build up the courage but after that there is usually no going back. I work on the principal that I jump in the shower as soon as I get home so I'm going to wet anyway. If it's really chucking it down or ice or snow I do some cross training at home or some strength and flex work.

  • You will find alot of us here enjoy running in the rain... it is incredibly refreshing and invigorating... try it, you may find you enjoy it :)

  • I'm another rainy runner - and not far from Oxford :) I'm not too keen on really freezing rain or sleet, but normal rain and even snow are fine :) I have (somewhere) a cap to keep the rain off my specs, but don't have a proper running waterproof jacket. I just dress for the temperature and get wet if it's wet out.

  • You get a cap 😄

  • Yep, I try and avoid the rain, but wouldn't let it spoil my running, I wear a cap to help keep specs dry, but it's only water, you may find it refreshing I have. You can use a treadmill, go swimming, cycle on a stat bike(spin) I use one of those at home but find it so boring after 20-30 mins!

    But being retired I can really pick. my times when I go out and run, so will be out soon while it's still dry, and before the temp drops..😊

  • I like the rain, these gale force winds on the other hand, not so much. Im about to head out on my second run of the year as well but my plan is to just alter my route to avoid the most exposed hilly parts. Given the wheely bin currently being chased down my street it could be interesting :D

  • Have you tried the NHS Strength & Flexibility podcasts? They are done by the same same company (Splash) and you get to hear Laura beating you up about something other than running! Although I mainly do it outdoors, with a bit of ingenuity you can use it inside as well. You just need to listen to it sitting in the chair so you can plan where you're going to do what, where. OK, the better half might think you're mad and the dog/cat will think its a great game but it's done me the world of good and combining it with C25K means you can do something everyday of the week as they compliment each other. The best bit though is IT'S FREE :-)

  • As others have said, get a cap! As long as the rain isn't running into my eyes, I don't mind the rain as I can get very warm when I run and it's quite refreshing!

  • The trick is to not look out of the window... I certainly get put off by rain at that stage but once I am out there it is no problem at all and it is often welcome and/or exhilarating. So long as you can keep extremities warm you'll be fine.

    Ice underfoot or high winds in the woods are more compelling reasons not to run.

  • I get wet :)

  • Love a rainy run!

  • I run, wth my cap on, love it! Even did a Parkrun at New Year in heavy rain, the run was fine but I hadn't taken into account how far from home we were , an hours drive,

    Next time I would take a complete change of clothes too.....but I'd still do it😃🏃🏼‍♀️

  • The only time I have run in the rain (so far), I ran faster! Maybe I was just trying to get home!! (which wasn't really logical, as you run for an amount of time!) :D

  • I also like running in the rain, nice and cooling! Heavy rain, sleet or snow combined with strong winds is not so good so I sometimes go to the local village gym and run intervals on the treadmill (speed podcast is good).

  • I agree with the masses - I love a run in the rain! Get yourself a waterproof running jacket and give it a go! You might become a convert. :)

  • Living in South Wales where it always rains, I just get my kit on & go. Running in the rain is not as bad as you think. I put a hat on, just go for it & think about the got shower at rhe end. I quite like running in tje rain. ..give it a go, yo may be surprised how it feels.

  • the only thing about rain running is I hate getting wet feet - are there any waterproof sock type things? Should I spray my running shoes with water protection?

  • Sealskin do some waterproof socks I believe.

  • Run.

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