Follow on from yesterday's post: do you get up and run, or get up, eat, run?

So yesterday I asked when your preferred time to run is. The general consensus seems to be morning is better. I definitely enjoyed my morning run more than my evening one and it was certainly easier to get motivated! So next question:

Do you eat before you run? Or just get up and go out? When I did my morning run last week, I got up and went straight out. I felt OK for the most part but definitely was flagging by the end. If that's what I'm like when I'm still only walking/running, what will I be like when I'm running for 30 minutes?

What do you do?


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26 Replies

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  • I am a morning runner and tend to just get up and go have a glass of water before I go out if doing a long run might have some peanut butter on toast and a glass of water.

  • Similar, glass of water and an espresso for me. Never achieved a long run so peanut butter is way in the future....

  • Do you wait a while once you've eaten before you go out? I worry I'd get a stitch or it would make me feel sick?

  • I used to be a two-hours-after-breakfast runner but now I prefer going out as soon as I'm up. If I'm quiet and have no time to think about it, I avoid waking up the gremlins as well.

  • I can get up and run on a little water and half a banana - then out the door but I prefer to have a proper breakfast (porridge)'and run a little later. My best runs however, are usually later in the day - a busy day at work seems to set me up nicey for a good run for some reason!!πŸ™‚

  • Half a glass of water and out the door first thing for me. No time to think about what I am about to do and whether I want to or not. When I did the park run it was a couple of hours later than my usual time so I had a slice of toast when I got up to make sure I didn't flake.

  • Same here. Up and out with half glass of water. Is the best time of the day

  • Getting up like a startled gazelle, I wish. Up early let the dog out, luckily my old Labrador is no more keen than me, the back to bed with a large mug of strong coffee and radio 4. About an hour later get up, large bowl of porridge and I'm ready to take on the world. Ahhhhhhhh the joys of being retired, everyday is Sunday. πŸ˜€

  • I always get up, have an energy drink and off I go πŸƒ.........

  • An energy drink every day?!

  • My thoughts too, hwarren9. I'd have to run a lot to burn off those calories.

  • Not if you drink zero calorie zero sugar Monster Energy

  • Up, coffee and out the door. I run better on empty.

  • Yep. Up and out before I change my mind!

  • Porridge oats, an hour or so later I am out there πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘βœ”οΈ

  • I like morning's best too but I do my best work first thing too (I'm self employed) and so I am torn. When I do go out, I run on empty.

    I was just about to head out now, but the heavens opened. Running in the rain is nice but not when it rains so hard that it hurts!

  • I can't eat because I tend to throw up. I have a bad gag reflex and when my nose starts running it makes me gag, which makes me throw up, so if I don't eat I just end up throwing up phlem. When I get home I usually jump in the shower then have something to eat

  • Up glass of water and out the door. Definitely prefer running on empty.

  • Several mugs of tea, porridge with demerara. I can run almost straight afterwards, no tummy problems for me. I've never eaten breakfast in my life, but I find I feel awful if I don't eat something before running.

  • Do you not need the toilet throughout the run?

  • If I dont eat something I run out of batteries after about 20 minutes and really struggle to finish the 30. Plus take about an hour to stop looking like I need medical help!

    So I run in the evenings when I'm more prepared. I like the empty morning streets but it just doesn't work for me.

  • Run in mornings, small glass of aloe vera, few sips of water. First 5 minutes always feel like an old car...oil sluggish til warmed up, could give up but then get second wind for about 10 mins. On week 7 r 1. I was a late starter startedcrunning in my 50's used to do 5 k about 5 yrs ago in about 40 mins so slow. Just want to get distance back not speed. At 67 pleased I can still bend down and get trainers on lol!

    I never enjoy it until I finish! Wish I could.

  • I like to run in the evening about 8ish especially in the colder months.

  • I'm up at 5:15 and out by 5:20 with no food or drink. Whether that's right or wrong is not something I've thought about but it works for me! I've done a couple of evening runs when the morning has had to be postponed because of the East Anglian equivalent of a monsoon and I found them to be a big struggle. I think the stresses of a working day coupled with food and drink (regardless of the time elapsed since it was consumed) and completely different atmospheric conditions made me feel less motivated, got the job done but less enjoyable.

  • Your body definitely has enough glycogen stores to run for 30 minutes, even first thing in the morning.

  • I'm up early on run days. Around 6am. I usually grab a small yogurt and a glass of water before I head out.

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