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For the first time in my adult life I ran in a proper timed event, almost enough to bring tears to my eyes - as was the mud!

Me and my running buddy ran 5k yesterday - it's official. We don't often get to run together - the buddying being encouraging each other on the phone type ( i know it's cold but i'm going running so you should too etc ..). And here we were about to run with a bunch of strangers.

I was nervous until we got there and saw everyone - some clearly very fit young runners belonging to clubs, some wiry older gents who looked like they'd been made to run, and then lots of normal slightly ample round the corners types.

It was hard not to set off faster than normal - but we'd agreed to use the running bit of Stamina podcast and that kept us steady. But what I hadn't expected was running off paths - and my what a mudbath it was, slip sliding around. I felt like I was skating not jogging. It really slowed us down as I am a bit terrified of falling over having hurt myself a few years ago ( a glamorous trip on a broken pavement ).

But when we could see the finish line it felt like magic - we were nowhere near the proper runners who'd streaked past, but not the last by any means as some people walked sections. Who cares!

It has made me realise we've probably been plodding along quite slowly so as the days get longer I'm going to try a bit harder on those runs - and then see if we can do a park run in 3 or 4 weeks time.

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Well done! Sounds like you had a great run! Lovely that you were with your friend and that you weren't put off by the 'proper' runners!

I did my first Parkrun yesterday, I was last and way behind the other runners, but did it all and had fantastic support from the volunteers... Sounds like you're ready for a Parkrun now ;-)


Oh how nice to hear that - I guess all of the volunteers will have been a beginner at some stage so they know how hard it is.

i never thought I'd run in public - let alone with other people! Now I just want to get to doing 5k a tiny bit faster - not fast but at or a nadge under 30 mins might just be doable with a bit of effort .

What we realised is that we had run faster than normal because of the encouragement and friendliness of other people. So we've agreed this morning to do a park run together in 3 or 4 weeks time.

There's even a twinkle in our eyes about a 10k later this year. Our hearts may be young but our knees are not in their first flush of springyness - so we're going to take it slow and steady.


Yay parkbirdy - well done to your and your buddy! Mud does makes things interesting, doesn't it?

I did a parkrun yesterday (with my virtual running buddies, including Poppy!) and also came in last, at nearly 46 minutes, and I was really really glad I did it. The support from the volunteers was really good - I thought I'd feel embarrassed, but I didn't - tea and cakes were still going on, and loads of people were standing around chatting, so it didn't feel like holding things up too much when I got to the finish. Though if you're aiming for 30 minutes, you shouldn't have any worries at all.

The fastest woman at my parkrun yesterday was amazingly in the same age bracket as me (women veterans 50-54) - at 87% of world record speed - 19min 43 seconds :O - so no chance of me ever getting age grade champ if she's around!!


Blimey! If I get to 30 minutes in the next year I'd be delighted and amazed. That's as fast as some 20 year olds.

No idea how long it took us yesterday - 36 mins at least. And we had music and each other.

I suspect it will be deceptively hard to even get one minute faster. Might have to knock the biscuits and vino on the head a bit.


I got the 30 from your comment above - maybe misinterpreted it. 36 is amazing! Wouldn't worry about the biscuits and vino if you can do that! ;)


Well done and lovely that you got to run with your 'running buddy' at last! It sounds like you really enjoyed the experience. :-)


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