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Now I'm post 5k I thought I'd mix it up a little bit and try to think about tackling my fear of running in front of people so I joined the lovely beginners running group tonight. There was 6 runners and a lady to get us running. She showed us some stretches which was useful as I'm not very familiar with them. Then we did a short warm up March up along the prom and then she set us to run 1.5 k and then run it back again but this time jog to the first lifebelt, then run a bit faster to the next then as fast as you can to the next and then back down to a light jog. That made me think about my pace which is tricky to change because I haven't got a lot left in the tank but it was fun as well. Then at the end of the prom there'S a decent hill and she made us run up to the first lamppost then down the hill then back to the second lamppost and back down and this up and down the hills continued for 7 lampposts. I was done in, but still love galloping down hills. Then we had a breather then a short relay in teams. And then lastly a 2 mins go as far as you can along the prom. All in all she reckons we covered about 5k and I'm sure I ran as fast if not faster with the others adding a bit of motivation. Next run will be Saturday evening hopefully and I'm thinking about a slower run but adding about 0.5k just to see what that feels like. I want to start the 10k plan but im still thinking I should consolidate the 5k. Lovely evening for it though, sun was shining and lots of other runners on the prom and I didn't feel self conscious at all. So there's progress of a sort there!


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  • Goodness, is that what running clubs expect of beginners? Ouch!

  • I know, it was a bit of a wake up call for me. But it was'nt pressured, I mean you could walk if you wanted to, and take a breather. There was a young lady probably about 20 and she was making it look so easy. I just did my best and marked it down as another running experience. For me it's more about getting out there and getting rid of the nasty gremlins!

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. There great thing about this running thing is that there are no rules. You can keep running with your group, you can run 5k a little faster or you can push on to longer distance. You can even do all three. There's no wrong answer. Do whatever you feel like doing. It's just great.

    Happy running!

  • Hi rob, I do have a few goals in mind but right now they aren't actually speed or distance related! I'm going to try running without music, I'm going to run early some mornings, and I'm going to run in front of people!!! It is such fun though, isn't it!!

  • Jeez that sounds more like a military drill Sparky! Glad you seemed to enjoy it.

  • I know dunder Twas a bit full on but I just did my best and kept smiling and thinking of all the good it'll be doing for my chicken legs!!

  • Sounds great to me! You'll come on like lightening there I bet. Fun too!

    You can develop your running in your own time. Mix things up a bit and you'll enjoy it, and keep enjoying it.

  • Sounds both intimidating and fun. Good for you for giving it a go. Keeps things interesting if you mix it up, and probably pushed you more than you would have on your own.

  • Hi run with dogs, actually it defo pushed me on much more than I would do on my own so that's got to be a good thing!

  • Wow that sounds great. You'll be running 10k and pulling in those 30minute 5Ks in no time if you stick with that regime. :)

  • Gosh I hope so ancient mum that would be beyond my wildest dreams!!

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