Just ran 5 miles/8k for the first time in my life ever!

I am currently half way through a 5-10k running programme as well as following the advice I have been given from my running club. I left it up to my hubby to plan our running route today. My last run I managed to run 4 miles in just under 40 minutes, and when I say just it was literally by 3 seconds coming in at 39.57, but my hubby said that he felt I was ready for a further distance! So I very apprehensively followed his lead as we headed out for our Sunday morning run.

It was blooming hard going for the first 20 minutes! I think I had worked myself into such a tizz that it was coming out in my running as I struggled to settle into it. We live in a coastal town but the route my hubby had planned was down all the major roads and I felt very self conscious about my curvaceous bum wobbling behind me as I ran along. Usually I have a running jacket with me that I have taken off and wrapped around my waist because I get quite warm after ten minutes of running but today I only had my running tights and top on.

I plodded on and found a steady rhythm, tried to shake off my insecurities and began to enjoy my run, it was nice to see that my hubby was being worked by this run and that I was coping alongside him. Less than 2 roads from home we passed a couple walking their dogs, the man was slender but the woman was on the larger side and as we passed, very widely as I am very nervous of dogs, she took it upon herself to throw a few insults at us for looking like a pair of idiots for running and that we needed to get a life :( As you can imagine I was completely taken by surprise! We both ignored the insults as we had our headphones in so she was unaware if we had heard them or not, but after busting my guts for nearly 5 miles it really wasn't something that I needed.

We rocked home after 5 miles and 53.17 of running and I have revealed in my success. It's the first time I've ever run that far and I feel like my running is coming on wonderfully :) I wasn't going to let one persons spite ruin my run! My hubby was so proud of me and I just wanted to share with all you lovely C25kers :)

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42 Replies

  • You are doing so well! Well done. :)

    Had a chuckle about the 'larger size' woman's comment - what a cheek!

  • Thank you Markee, I am really chuffed with my progress.

    I think she was probably having a bad morning but it was quite mean of her, I think if I had been running on my own I would have felt more insulted.

    Planning on taking it easy for the rest of this week and have a couple of 5k runs planned. I don't want to over do it and undo all my hardwork.

  • Good to read about what is possible when (not if lol) I finish c25k. shame about the comments it is she who needs to get a life if she feels the need to act in that way in public to strangers!!

  • I agree Pot58. I graduated 2 weeks ago and my running has gone from strength to strength. I have found with me it is mostly mind over matter, if I tell myself I am going to do it and not give up then I usually do it :)

  • There are some people in this world just better ignored. As you say, increasing your distance is more of a psychological barrier, once you have developed your stamina and fitness to a certain point and you certainly seem to be doing that.

  • It really is mind over matter for me. I am glad we ignored her as I think she was trying to provoke an argument.

  • If you see her again "**** off, lard arse" might be a jolly riposte? After all, you can always run away from her!!

  • I couldn't rise to her bait, it would have impacted on my run time :)

  • Well done on the distance - I am very jealous of your time! I manage 5 miles in one hour two minutes!

    In regards to the woman - what utter horrid human being thinks it's acceptable to shout insults at someone for running past them? If you'd mowed her down in a car, maybe, but just running past her? Well done for not responding, I think I would have given her a piece of my mind - and then sprinted off! LOL.

  • Thank you. It was such a surprise that I didn't have much time to think about it until I got back home. I'm more surprised that my hubby didn't say anything. Rude people are a real bugbear of his.

  • Jenner your progress is brilliant you seem like a natural runner, you will be doing a half marathon before you know it.

    I graduated on Boxing Day and I'm having my 1 st forced break due to picking up a virus and irritating my asthma it's driving me crazy not been able to run.

    It's amazing how people who don't run feel they have a right to give abuse sad woman she is probably very unhappy with herself.

  • Sorry to hear about your virus, I really hope it goes away soon. I entered my first half marathon last week after some coercion from my fellow running club members who are confident that I will be ready for it by September!

    I am scared but excited about the prospect of running for 13.1 miles, however my hubby and running buddies seem to have little doubt in my running ability. It's in a vineyard and fancy drees so I will be looking forward to the complimentary wine at the end lol! I just hope I can manage it.

  • Well done on the run! With regards to that woman... Two things... Maybe she spotted her man eying you up! Secondly she might just be jealous. When I was suffering depression I would lash out at people who were happy because I couldn't cope with everyone having what I wanted. Fortunately my friends understood what was going on and are still my friends.

    I never lashed out at strangers though

    S X

  • That's why I am glad I didn't react. I didn't know her situation and as such couldn't really judge. I think ignoring her was the best course of action although as you can imagine it was a bit of a shock to hear it as we ran past.

  • I think you are right there. I just can't imagine wanting to be that rude to anyone. When my daughter was five, she was at school with a little girl who was quite mean. I pointed out why she was unhappy & my daughter looked at her in a different way & they even ended up as friends. Perhaps this women just needs someone to be nice to her.

  • Maybe Waletta, it's just a shame that she felt the need to act that way to two strangers going about their business. If I see her again whilst running I know that I am likely to cross over just to avoid any hostility.

  • I know. I really don't understand why. Mind my husband was being a bit of a pain one day when we first married & my mum said " the trouble is you're not used to anyone being unkind to you". I guess she was right & I also felt very lucky. That woman has probably not been as lucky. Glad we've got this site. :)

  • Me too :)

  • That's not what you want to hear on a run...

    Well done for ignoring the idiot - she has to live with herself, which is punishment enough.

    Running 5 miles for the first time feels good doesn't it :)

    Enjoy the moment and best wishes for your future runs.

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done on your running Jenner78. Look at you taking it easy and do some 5k's next week. I'm very impressed :-D You really are a great runner and just keep getting better and better.

  • Oh thank you Tinyrun :)

  • You're welcome

  • Well done Jenner. Fantastic distance and pace. Saw the park run muddy photo last week so wobbly bottom now just in your head. Ignore the fat lass and her nasty comments. She just jealous that we all look fab and are fit.

  • Thank you, I was really happy that I managed the distance. The 10k I am doing in March seems more achievable now.

  • Oh my dear you were very reserved if that was me that woman would have got something along the lines of " yeah lard arse but ive just ran 5 miles! And I am getting a life, a HEALTHY one!"

    People like that tend to be very unhappy with their own life so they say unkind things about people they see doing something positive in theirs! So ignore her you did a wonderful job and keep going!

    I myself have a wobbly bum and don't like it a great deal but it keeps me more motivated as I know the more I run the more my wobbly bum will go!

    So well done you and hubby for cracking on with the 5 miles!

  • I think it was more of an issue for me because the road we were running on is the main one into my town and knew there would be a lot more people looking at us running along. It's weird because it's never worried me before.

  • Well don't let her bother you all of us are very proud of you for achieving 5 miles xxx

  • First of all - how horribly rude of such a narrow minded and probably jealous lady. Lady is too nice, but I don't know what else to say!

    Secondly, and most importantly - brilliant run! 5 miles! Wow, you are doing amazingly well, you have inspired me! Lovely post, thank you for sharing :)

  • Thank you nextjenn, I am itching to go for a run but my next one isn't planned until tomorrow evening at my running clubs monthly time trial :)

  • Well I hope it went well :)

  • Just got home from the time trial. It was blowing a hooly out there! I knocked at least 1 minute off my pb though so I am really happy. My ears are still ringing from the wind though, I reckon it must have been blowing at least 40-50mph and half my run was head on into it. Was doesn't kill us makes us stronger I suppose?

  • PB into head on winds?! I say thats a huge success :) well done, it takes a lot to get out in the crazy weather sometimes! Congrats! Hope your ears stop ringing!

  • Larger lady probably envious of your get up and go. After starting through C25k, if I ever see anybody running, whatever the pace, gait, get up... insert own particular area of worry here...I think 'good on you'. As I imagine most other runners do because we know how much effort goes into it. Well done on your fabulous run :)

  • Me too, I always catch myself saying in my head good on them for getting out there and doing it.

  • Me too! I always think that and give them a knowing smile as they pass me xxx

  • I feel the same too Jenner78. I now feel part of a club - The Couch to 5k club. :-) So whenever I see anyone running I think, oh yes I can do that too. Thank goodness for this site.

  • Hear hear Tinyrun, hear hear for this club.

  • I agree, this site is amazing :)

  • I was so impressed with your story I missed my stop on the train. I am now hurtling towards Wolverhampton when I want to be in Smethwick.

    I realised just in time, went hurtling down the carriage, pressed the lit 'open' button - to the toilet!

  • is it weird that i am 15 and yesterday i completed a 5.3 mile run

    ps. congratulations on your run jenner

  • You are an inspiration! I am still in the 5k zone, but it's great to read about people that are going for more! And good for you for not playing into that negativity.

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