I ran 5k... Really... Without stopping... For the first time ever! :)

Hello fellow runners,

just wanted to share that right now I have that feeling... And I want to share it with you because you understand that feeling... :) Because you've all had it... And if you haven't, you will do and you'll know exactly what I mean...

The one that comes after a lovely run, where you feel great, full of beans and immensely proud for doing something you never, ever thought in a million years you'd ever do. Like the end of week 1, when you realise just how long 60 seconds really is, but you make it... Like that W5R3 that you stress about from week 1... and then you crack it... And it just feels HUGE... And like the graduation run when you know you did it, you didn't let yourself down, you saw something through to the end and you're beaming.

Today I have that lovely run feeling as a newbie graduate... It will be a day I remember as today I ran 5k for the first time ever :) Now this 5k took me 35 minutes and 6 seconds precisely. It took me exactly one week after graduating from C25K to actually run 5k. It took everything I've got and a little bit more, but I did it. I really ran, without stopping, even for a second, for 5 whole kilometres. :) :) :)

Of course, I am very slow, my fastest K was 6 mins 35 says the gadget and am clearly a long way off the magic 30min 5k, but I don't mind a jot, it's the most running ive ever done in my life! I think, when the hip and leg ouchies are fully gone (not too bad at all during today's run, phew!) I might be able to go a bit quicker, but if not, I'm still happy days! :)

Canal was buzzing with life today, boats, fishermen, cyclists, dog walkers, runners, families and of course my feathered friends, all enjoying a chilly, but bright spring Sunday afternoon outdoors. Really was delightful. I didn't take Laura today, thought I might miss her, but I found with just the music and the surroundings time became less of an issue and I just relaxed into the run and enjoyed it. The first time I glanced at the watch during my run, I'd been running for 23 minutes - I was surprised, it didn't feel that long at all!

I hope you've all had that 'feeling' on your runs this weekend, I'm smiling for all of you as well as for me :)

Thanks for sticking with my ramblings!

Nat x


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32 Replies

  • Wow, massive congrats! You're so right about that amazing run feeling - I felt exactly the same after week 1 and so elated after W5R3! Just started week 8, and your journey is incredibly inspirational!

    Well done, and I hope you keep on enjoying it! 😊

  • Thank you :) Good Luck with week 8, you're doing brilliantly, keep it up!

  • That's brilliant - well done you! (and shhhhhh on the 'very slow' thing, my pace is way slower than that!).

  • Thank you :) And slow is good ;) We're building up strength and stamina... Then we'll zip past those speed demons no probs :) x

  • Well done Nat. That sounds like a really nice run. Honestly, 5km in 35 minutes is not slow, it is in fact very good only one week after graduating C25K. I graduated C25K in Nov 2014, and although I often run 5km in around 28 minutes, I still run it in between 30 and 35 minutes from time to time. Just depends how I'm feeling.

    I know what you mean about that feeling, when you feel like you're bounding along like tigger, and it seems like you could keep on going for ages. You'll get that feeling quite often :)

    My run today was not quite that kind of run. I had a feeling that it wouldn't be as I set off, and my legs had that "are these my legs?" kind of feeling. They felt strangely wobbly and uncoordinated. Sunday is my long run, which I'm adding a little to each month. This month is 16.5km. During the first 5 minutes I had the feeling that I'd be lucky if I managed 5km, let alone 16.5km. Fortunately, the legs seemed to become happier as the run progressed. I'd already decided that this would be a slow easy one. Just take it steady and hope to manage the distance, the time isn't important was my thought. Anyway, I did manage the distance. My legs felt tight and inflexible like piano wires towards the end, without any real control over my gait. 16.5km in 54 minutes. much slower than last week. Not disappointed though, because, I did the distance, and I know that my legs would not have let me run any faster today. Sometimes, just getting out there and doing it is enough to be happy with. Sometimes we have a great run as you did, where we really see the progress we've made :)

    They are all good runs though. Every single one of them is better than sitting on the sofa staring at the telly. The only bad run is one that injures you for an extended period.

    So well done on your great run. Don't worry, there will be plenty more that feel like that.

    Happy running :)

  • Thank you :) Are you serious, SIXTEEN and a HALF km??!!! That's amazing, really, amazing... I'm in awe! And you say that was slower and less comfy than other runs before, it sounds absolutely remarkable to me :) I hope I can run that far one day in the distant future. Funny that some runs, even for the experienced and accomplished, don't feel quite right sometimes. You're spot on though, even the tough ones are much better than no runs at all. Well done for you today, incredible x

  • Really, don't worry, you'll be doing those kinds of distances soon enough. If you just keep running every week, then the distance and speed improve little by little without even trying. The most important thing is to increase gradually, because if you try to push too hard then you risk finding yourself on the injury couch for a few weeks, and that is so frustrating.

  • Good grief. I've just realised my error. I meant 1h54 not 54 minutes. Sorry, I can see why 16km in 54 minutes would be impressive !! It's 2 oclock in the morning here, and I just realised what I'd written, ans came down to correct it. It seems I can't edit it unfortunately. My 10km normally comes in at around 1H05 ish, but the next 6 km always seems to be much slower. Anyway, sorry again for the silly mistake.

  • It's still incredibly impressive! And I'm still in awe :) my maths is pretty shoddy, I barely noticed ;)

  • Absolutely wonderful post Nat... I am so glad that your ouchies are less ouch-able!

    What an absolutely amazing run you had, that feeling will carry you through the week!

    Love your descriptions too, you take me right along that can bank with you.

    Can you really believe you are doing this... all your milestones that you mention, we have all felt them and it is a feeling unlike any other when we achieve the final goal!

    Every time I run..I get that buzz!

    if this does not motivate some of our running friends, nothing will !

    Thanks for sharing such a special run.. can't wait for your next adventure! :) x

  • Thank you Floss. How's that lurgy? Hope you're keeping warm in that tin tent of yours... :)

  • Amazing post.. So inspirational.. especially as I am about to embark on my w5r2 tomorrow.. I aspire to be that runner x thankyou.. and enjoy that warm glow of personal achievement x

  • Thank you :) So many people here inspired me, I'm sure I wouldn't have made it without the support of everyone on the forum. Good luck with your next run, you can do it, nice and slow... We're here with you, right the way to graduation and beyond. Go Sparky! :)

  • Woohooo congratulation Nat that's brilliant.

    It's a proper buzz isn't it? When you look down at your gadget of choice and it says 5k 😀


  • Thanks Bob, it is... It's unreal! I just used this watch thing synced with the computer for the first time and have been sat, marvelling at all these stats I don't understand! This running thing is a whole new world! :)

  • Well done Nat, that is fantastic! And as others have said your time is great for a first 5k! Expect that to come down as your strength and stamina grows. Good on you🙂!

  • Thank you :) I think I'm going to keep trying to do the 5Ks for a little while, until it becomes a little more comfy, then I'm off hunting for these podcasts everyone raves about - it's just so exciting! :) x

  • Well done! A brilliant run and a wonderful post.

    Do not underestimate your speed; it took you just 35 minutes to get "over the moon"... that's over 225,000 miles! :)

  • Thanks, this really made me giggle :)

  • Fantastic Nat !

    You never forget your first 5k, lots of fantastic running adventures to come too ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP... You were one of the very first who helped me out in week 2, with my dodgy knees. I can't tell you how valuable and appreciated that support is to all of us on our running adventures and how it keeps us going - thank you :)

  • That is so kind of you, thank you xxx

  • Thats amazing!!

    I also ran my first ever 5k today in 38 minutes on the dot! so you are doing amazingly xx

  • Well done to you, it does feel great to make 5k doesn't it! :)

  • Fantastic job Nat, no wonder you feel chuffed. Much deserved. I need to get back in gear. Not been out since my grad run. A busy week of lots of visitors and celebrations. 5K is my next aims, I reckon 40 mins for me, you were zippy :-)

  • I remember my first 5 K, I thought my legs were going to drop off! Your time is brilliant, I bet you wish you could bottle that feeling.... xx

  • Hi Nat, that's so exciting, I can tell that you are grinning from ear to ear. Having this feeling on your first ever 5K is really special, sounds like a dream run. I bounced along the road telling strangers that I done my first 5K and reading your post took me straight back to that glorious moment. Thank You

  • ooh well done - you're right, this journey gives is lots of milestones to be proud of and get excited about :) 35 mins is a great time for your first 5k - think mine was more like 45 - and 35 is about my best even now, but I'm just happy to finish each and every one.

    Time for a parkrun - unless you're already doing them

  • Thank you :) Being a wimp about park run at the moment, would like to get a few more lone 5Ks behind me before I'm brave enough :) x

  • Nothing to be scared about, honest.

    Do you live near any other members so you could go to your first one with a fellow c2ker

    everyone is so friendly - sure you'd love it

    go on - you know you want to :)

  • Well done! That's so cool. I just started week 3 today so I will use this post as further inspiration! I already know what you mean though, even just my humble beginnings are giving me more energy and I do look forward to the sense of achievement when I'm on the way home and realise I've done it.

    Even if you never got any quicker you've done brilliantly, but sounds as if you will be knocking off the time soon enough. Congrats!

  • You'll do great with the programme, good luck :) x

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