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I ran over 10 km for the first time today

I usually do my long run on a Friday, but due to flooded roads then, I'd made that a short 5K run as 30 minutes or so was enough after running through ankle deep water. I'd been looking forward to trying this week's long run since the previous week.

In my excitement, I forgot to eat before leaving the house. I usually run on empty when doing 30-50 minute speed or tempo sessions, but had bought tiny bananas in the supermarket yesterday especially for this run. Och well, I'd had about 2 glasses of water.

Then I forgot my gloves, so my hands were cold the entire time, despite the rest of me being toasty in long sleeve top and capri pants (first time running in these),

My route followed the single track road out of the village for 3 km - often running up the centre of the road to avoid the huge puddles at either side - and I was only passed by about 5 cars. I noted the farmer had *finally* managed to harvest the last of the crops here and was now spreading dung in the fields - a fair bit of which was spread on the road near the gate! I noticed a lot of rosehips on the hedges today, but very few brambles.

The main part of my route is through a country estate and today the gate across the surfaced track was closed. As I approached it I *thought* I heard a clicking sound and thought there was be an electric fence at the side of the gate. But thankfully no! It must have just have been the background track on the song on my mp3 player! I was able to slip through the gap between the (non-electrified) fence and the gate.

The private road through the estate is mostly surfaced, but as the grass at either side is kept manicured like a lawn I usually run on the grass to save my knees. Not today as the grass was sodden and even flooded in places.

Leaving the lawn (and the castle that is visible through the trees) behind, the track crosses a wee burn across a wooden bridge. I slipped on this bridge the first time I came this way - and that was walking when I was recee-ing the route, so I'm always a wee bit wary of the slippery wooden boards. With the water and sodden leaves on the boards, I slowed down to a crawl and sort of trip-trotted across.

Once over the burn I was on an un-surfaced farm track and it was particularly muddy today. The track was really churned up as the barley in the adjacent field was only harvested earlier in the week and the farmer must have been moving the straw bales in the past two days as they had all gone. I tried skipping over the worst of the mud and puddles, but some were right across the track. and once I realised that I'd have to run through them, it became easier. Anyway, mud splattered up to your knees is a sign of a good run, isn't it?

Luckily I didn't bump into any neighbours when running back through the village and managed to pass the church before the congregation started arriving dressed in their Sunday best.

Distance = 11km :-) in 1 hour 18 (which is really too fast for my long, slow run)

I used my new 'toy' - my Garmin Forerunner 10 - that I got yesterday and my route and stats are on Garmin connect:

(The dips on the trace for my pace for the last 5 mins are where I had to jump off the single track road and jog on the spot on the grass verge as cars passed.)

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I love reading your blogs :-). Sounds like a great run and well done on the 11k! The Garmin stats look good. I've got one on my Christmas list :-))


Fantastic run, well done!


this run/route sounds amazing. much better than my seaside town. sounds like you had a brilliant run. blog was brilliant. a very good read :)

how do you like your garmin?? I only recently found out that it actually shows pace whilst you are running (bottom of screen ~ 6 o'clock). have fun with your new toy. X


I'm liking the Garmin Forerunner 10 so far. I like the clear face and the fact I can see the pace at a glance.

Are you uploading your data to Garmin Connect? I can't see how to get it to show an elevation profile on the first page for each activiity on Connect. See the example above. From what I've read, It shows the elevation on the 'Player' page, but I'd find it more useful (and quicker) if it was under the Timing chart on the main activity page, like there is for the other (fancier) Garmins.

When I uploaded today's map into Runkeeper (that I've been using for the past 3 weeks with an old iphone), this shows an elevation profile:

I really want elevation as it's very hilly round here and I wish to see my pace in relation to the elevation increase or decrease.

I know there are other similar recording websites out there, but not all support directly importing the data from the Garmin. Runkeeper said there was was date when I plugged in the Garmin. I had to download the date to Garmin Basecamp and import the map to Runkeeper from there.


sorry, Im hopeless with the technical stuff. gregg & carolec both have garmins. carolec has the 110 so she might be the best person to ask. it was gregg I think that said about the speed being on the display so perhaps ask him?


I know the Garmin 110 does show the elevation on the 'Charts' section (plus heart rate when they use the HRM).


Ignore the text "From what I've read" in para 2, line 3.


Wheesht! I meant 'data' not date in the final para! Typo queen strikes again.


Well done, that sounds a fantastic route and makes me want to go to Scotland again.

Do you still use the C25K+ podcasts? I'm hoping to reach 10K in 2 weeks time so I'm planning on doing Stamina with a jog home (6-7K) twice this week then aim for a 9K run at the weekend, then Stamina + for the week and then try 10K. After that I'll go back to imperial targets.


I'm using Speed for intervals training (~30mins) and Stamina for tempo training (~ 40 - 50 mins) once each week. I do the long, slow run to my own music (101 songs for running or some such CD) - not running to the beat, but simply as background, up-tempo tunes to sing along too!


Some fine Scots dialect in there, and a great run too. Well done!


Any reason why you chose the Garmin Forerunner 10 over other similar products?

I'm looking for something simple to use but one that gives me all the data that I need. There seems to be plenty on the market.



It's the simplest to use - and the least expensive.

It show the pace as you run and has a simple pace coach thingie that you can set to a pace (mins/km - or miles) and it will beep when you go above or below that rate. I'm not sure yet, just how much above and below before it beeps. If you don't wish a audio alert you can switch off the sound and rely on the visual alert on the watch face.

This model does not support a heart rate monitor, so if you think you will wish to train with a HRM, then it's not for you. I know I wouldn't use this much and can borrow my son's Garmin 110 if I wish to try the heart rate occasionally.

The ladies version of the FR 10 is smaller than other Garmin models and for someone like me, with tiny, wee wrists, it's feels comfortable.


well done, it sounds like a really good run. I love the descriptions you include. I've only just reached the stage where I notice my surroundings, I don't just have to focus on the ground in front and trying to breathe any more :-)


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