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How to get over a tough day at work, RUN!

Got suspended from work today, and was really cross! I thought "maybe I will skip tonight's run and just go for a beer" then had a change of hart, mainly because I wanted to try my new Garmin forerunner 110. The run was great for taking my mind of stupid work, and my pace was good sometimes down to 6 min miles! I love the garmin, and hate work.

So, if your life goes all wonky a run is a good option. :0)

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Glad to hear the run made you feel better. Good healthy choice too (even if you have the beer afterwards!)


I know what you mean, was a victim of major bank fraud this week, only at end of week 1, but did feel better for getting out there and running. It's a mindset, a few weeks ago I would have drowned myself in wine and chocolate! -still had the wine though, just not too much :)


Glad it helped. Hope the job thing works out. Time to job hunt perhaps? Good luck and syay focused.


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