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How to get through a tough run

This morning was tough, I haven't run for a week because of work and extra Christmas stuff. My body knew about it. To keep going I concentrated on the positive things that running does for me.

My legs are a much nicer toned shape

My stomach is flatter

My heart is healthier

My stress levels are lower

All this makes me happier

If there are one or two extra treats around I don't feel so guilty or bloated!

And when I finish I have a lovely warm glow.

Even though it's the crazy time of year the most important thing this week is to fit in an extra run. Happy Christmas x

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I love reading about the clear benefits people are getting. So far, start of week 6 I know I am getting fitter and this will be good for my heart. I'm getting a huge sense of personal achievement and just beginning to see a little weight loss.

I hoping for much more in the next few months.


And I'm sure you will, you have the right approach x


Thanks for that. That's getting the time factor (not enough hours in the day) into perspective. I was able put a tick against each point as true for me too.


Good, I think we need to be a little more selfish ! X


Thanks-just read this post and really made me smile, we always concentrate on the pain or hassle but never take time to think of the positive or that actually I really do enjoy it!.


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