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Back to running at last! Think it'll take a while to get back to 5K though

After an enforced 3 week break (cold, pesky cough that wouldn't budge etc) supplemented by all the usual goodies at this time of year (mince pies and a litre bottle of Baileys being my particular downfall), my new, heavier (about 5 lbs) self finally made it out again this morning. I didn't really have any idea of how much fitness I'd have lost so I put Stepping Stones on the ipod and just decided to go as far as I could.

Well - thanks to Garmin not finding its satellite for 15 minutes (perhaps it has also been having fun and not wanting to work again-does anyone else's Garmin suffer from this?) I have no idea how far I went, but I did manage something over 15 minutes of running, which I felt could have been worse.

Now I'm seeing blogs from all my buddies here saying they're going to start B210K, I'm feeling rather left behind as it's clearly going to take me a while to get back to pre-cold levels (PB was 5k in 34 minutes using Stamina) :-( This running lark has unleashed a new competitive nature I never knew I had. I know I'll never be a fast runner but I do want to think I'm doing as well as others like me.

Oh well - as we all say no run is a bad run so I did at least get out there. On a positive fashion note my new 3/4 tights should be arriving from Sweatshop in the next couple of days. I haven't bought from them before but they had no problem in me buying 2 pairs (different sizes) and they'll even send a freepost label so I can return the ones that don't fit! This is despite the item being in the sale. Always happy to promote what looks like a good business.

Have a good Thursday all :-)

Ann xx

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Well done for getting out there. I have only managed 20 mins since Christmas. Hope you like your new 3/4 tights. sure you''ll soon be cracking on with B210K. :-)



Hey Ann welcome back to the running! 5lbs isn't bad actually; I believe that's the norm over this pigging out period.....!!

15 mins is absolutely fine too. Keep at it and you will soon be back to where you were in no time then you can join us on the B210K journey or sooner of course; we don't want to leave you behind but of course that depends entirely on how well we do at it ;0)

Enjoy your Capri's! I love Sweatshop and as I was replying to you I actually got my delivery of some new shoes from them!!! Love the sales.....

Enjoy your next run Ann.

Sue x


Hey Ann, at least you're back in the running. Well done. I still have a couple of weeks to go at least. I walked to the shops today, and was pleasantly surprised that I managed to keep to warm-up time in pace. Also did it in the normal time of 7 minutes there and 7 minutes back, which is my best time. Really pleased with myself. No pain and no clicking.

The 5lbs will soon shift once you're back in harness. I fear being left behind with B210, but as we said on James' blog we will be the second starters-I suspect I shall be the last starter for this.

Happy New Year to all.

Colette x


Nice to see you back, Ann!!!! We are struggling to fit runs in also! I would like to do a 10K but at this point not training due to real life etc. :-) Ahhhh... The booze was plentiful at the Hall household as well!!! Gayle


Hi Gayle,

It's at least partly the time of year isn't it. I got up with a very sore leg this morning after yesterday's short run - think I fixed it by going to a (very slow for us) aerobics class. Rest until Sunday now I think - need a slow start to the year!

BTW - I do look twice when I see you write Hall as it was my maiden name. Maybe Steve and I are distant relatives (we did have some cousins move to FL, probably in about the 1950s so I guess it's possible).

Here we're busily taking trees and lights down - I remember when I first moved to the US how strange it was that folks left decorations up well after the 6th - very bad luck if we did that here :-)

Have agreat Friday!



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