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Beautiful day for a run...

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Blue sky, cooler air... how could you not get out for a run today? Assuming you're not on a rest day then if you're in London, it's time to run!

This morning was interval work... 90 seconds of hard run followed by 150 seconds of slow recovery jog, repeated 8 times for a total of 32 minutes running.... covered just over 5K in that time this morning and boy do my calves and shins feel it... don't worry - it's that "good burn"...

Looking forward to 2 days rest now before the 10 mile training run on Sunday... :)

Happy running y'all!

PS. I will be going out with Mrs Aussie tomorrow for W1R2 but I consider that to be cross-training... :)

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AncientMum profile image

Aussie you're a fitness machine these days. Are you trying to give Miles_Yonder a run for his money? ;)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to AncientMum

That will take some time I think! Now - if we talk age grading I might get him yet... :)

I have two races coming up - the first in 7 weeks is an 8.2 mile race on the 12th October (that's around 13.2K) and then a 10K race planned on the 18th October... getting the miles on the legs while I'm on holidays away from the office is working a treat...

Also - did I mention I LOVE running... :) I do need to be careful not to overtrain with these races being quite a way out yet... I also have that HM booked in February and again I just want to be so used to doing distance running by then that it's a (figuratively) "walk in the park" come Feb...

As I say though, the bigger challenge is trying to not do TOO much before I need to... although building this base feels amazing so far... :)

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AncientMumGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

I reckon you're doing brilliantly with your training. Is it the Brighton you've signed up to? I think that's in February.

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Hampton Court... Miles is in the Brighton HM I think (possibly on the same day - Feb 22nd)...

Oh I am having fun out there Epic Mum... My guilty pleasure this running thing... Thanks for your kind words and hope you're doing okay...

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Morning Aussie, Aussiegised!

Well done for getting out and doing another good session - hope mrs A is feeling fine and looking forward to tomorrow. :)

I am on a rest day but am at run club tonight! Is that still a rest day?! It's a day off from work anyway.’

Went to boot camp last night and really notice the difference in my running with tyres! That's the rubber type not the spare one haha.

Enjoy w1r2 Xtraining and good luck on your long Saturday running with new water bottle belt, presuming it's arrived:)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to jaxmc64

Thanks! Water belt has arrived and had my first session with it last weekend... it worked a treat... 16K (10 miles) of fun running (ha!) awaits on Sunday... looking forward to it actually... I'm weird like that... :)

Ha - no running with spare tyres for us anymore - C25K replaced those spare tyres with the space savers... :) Boot camp sounds quite daunting - have fun!

Net68 profile image

Looks a lovely morning to be out :) we're not so lucky here on the Wirral today.

You are doing really well. Good luck with 10 mile training :)

Happy running :)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Net68

Thanks Net... was too nice a morning to lie in and not run... I'm on annual leave until 8th September so it was tempting to lie in but the road beckoned!

10 miles sounds easier than 16K so I think I'll reset the Garmin to miles for it just to keep me sane! :)

aussiegtc profile image

She's "ready to run"... she wanted to go today until I reminded her that rest days were mandatory for now... she then pointed out that I would be running with her tomorrow and that meant I would have been running 4 days in a row...

This is where my "yes, but Week 1 is cross training" excuse came out... :)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Ha ha Aussie, thinking on your feet there, I like it :-) Hope you and Mrs Aussie have a good run tomorrow , I bet you are so pleased she is following in your very impressive footsteps :-) xxx

aussiegtc profile image
aussiegtcGraduate in reply to poppypug

I am so proud of her... I get to share my new love... ;)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Aw, share the love, yep I like that :-) xxx

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Although it is grey, windy, cold and with a slow silent rain here in the East Riding (makes me *almost* miss London), I shall follow your lead and get out on a speed training a bit later today. Mine is only 60/120 x 6, but maybe I'll up it next week.

Great to hear that the Mrs is still keen. I know you'll keep her on the short and narrow with the rest days so she doesn't overdo it.

Happy cross training tomorrow, and happy running for Mrs A.

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Tomas

I hear you.. Now stocked up on long legged tracksters, thermal tops, gloves and beanie... Sigh...

No stopping us though.. Good luck with those intervals... Sounds like an ideal short blast... Great speed work and done quickly! Bonus... ;)

Ejbirdy profile image

Nice work there :)

Happy running !

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Ejbirdy

Thanks! Things seem to be coming along well for you too so well done you!

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Hi Aussie

It was bright and fine here today, chilly but ok once warmed up. I only had a 3 k to run today so was back home with the kettle on in no time. Yay!

You'll be fine with your 10 miles on Sunday. If Miss Wobble can do it .............. LOL

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to misswobble

You can't wobble any more I suspect! You're a speed demon... Thanks! Looking forward to it... ;)

deep312 profile image

Good Job Aussie, what app do you use for interval training?

aussiegtc profile image
aussiegtcGraduate in reply to deep312

Thanks! I use the coaching option in MapMyRun... I'm not sure if it's available in the free version but I think Runkeeper and Endomondo both have interval training with voice prompts too...

teabreaks profile image

You are turning into a running machine Aussiegtc! And you look so good!!! Hope today goes well with the missus!!!

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