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W6r3 complete

Well I've just come back from completing the 1 I was dreading! I'm surprised to say that I found it easier than I expected and actually enjoyed it ( I never dreamed that i would ever say those words) there you go I'm actually a runner! I can't get this proud, smug grin off my face ?? I just had to share it! And it peed down the whole 6k so that makes me even more pleased because before starting this plan I would never have gone out in the rain an let my self get soaked. I'm bouncing with enthusiasm! The couch to 5k really has helped me change my lifestyle ????

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No question marks about it! Well done, and may you continue to enjoy all (well, most perhaps!) your running.


Congratulations! Welcome to week 7!!! :-) I agree, C25K is life changing!! :-) Gayle


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