Am I the only one struggling to complete w6r3?

I have tried now on two occasions to complete the 25 mins run without stopping and as soon as I hear Laura tell me I have reached the half way mark my head tells me I have to stop, I then feel gutted with myself and after a minutes walk I run to the end but feel so deflated :( oh well I will try again tomorrow hopefully the wind will have passed.


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  • Drop your pace, distance or time are related to pace. Its my guess you are running slightly to fast, it doesn't matter if its little more than a fast walk at this moment.

  • Hi thanks for your reply and advice, there are times I feel I could walk faster but your right, back out tonight for another attempt.

  • Why don't you leave Laura behind for this one? Maybe you need some exciting tunes for the midway point.

  • Thanks I will give that a go, never attempted any of the runs yet with my good old friend Laura :)

  • I agree with runswithdogs - the mental aspect has always been a big challenge for me (ie "I'll run to the next corner, then stop", and even though I could carry on, my head says I can stop, so I did) - so do yourself a good playlist, set a timer for the full 25 minutes, and go it alone (without Laura) for this one, just so you can get past your mental block, as you're obviously physically capable...and really shout at yourself if you feel like giving up, you may get some strange looks, but it does work :). Good luck

  • Why is it that you know you are capable physically of doing the run but the mental block kicks in? I will give myself a good shouting at tonight :)

    Thanks for your advice

  • Several times I had to give myself a stern talking to about wanting to stop so you're not alone :-) If I did stop then I made myself run a bit extra at the end to make up for it. I did my first session of week 9 on Tuesday and I still wanted to stop at the 5, 10 and 25 min points as my legs felt like lead but instead I slowed my pace and was able to complete the 30 min run. Don't be disappointed in what you didn't do but be very proud of what you have done, running isn't easy, especially, if like me, you'd rather be reading a book than out running :-) Good luck and I look forward to hearing that you made it to the end of week 9

  • Thanks your comments really make me feel good of what I have accomplished so far, out tonight for another go of w6r3, fingers crossed

  • I am having the same struggle. I have tried 4 times now and have done it once... The third time... So have effectively done w6, but can't move on.

    I am going to try again this morning. I had lots of advice from people on here about overcoming my mental block... It's so good to get their advice and support... So am hoping I can beat back the gremlins today!! Good luck with your run!


  • Phew I'm not alone. Great job by completing the run and good luck with the gremlins x

  • I have graduated now and continue to run 3 times a week for 5K. I struggle with every run, my head tells me to walk, asks me why are u doing this. Just argue right back and it will become easier to overcome negative thoughts. You are physically able to do the runs, why should your brain be in charge?

  • Well done on your graduation and also for keeping it up, I can't believe that I love running, if you had asked me a year ago to even attempt to run for 25 mins I would have laughed in their face. I'm proud of what I have achieved to date and looking for to my graduation day. Good luck with your next run

  • Thank u. Same here, I thought about moving but didn't do it much. It started with walking, then cycling but running was a total surprise

  • That made me think of Homer Simpson...

    Homer: "Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!"

  • I think once you get to week 6 it's as much mental as it is physical. I've just done my first 5k runs (on my own, not in a race). It's dark, it's windy but even with my iTunes running songs going my head says, "You can walk for 5 minutes, no-one will know". It's tough without those walks as treats but you can do it.

  • Because I graduated at parkrun and had to run for 30 minutes, I don't want to have a walk break. Would rather run slowly than drop to a walk!!

  • Yes, it's a hard one. When she tells you that you've reached half way, you think 'oh god no, is that really all!??' but if you get your bullish determination head on and push a tiny bit more, it's not long before she's telling you that you're nearly there. It's just getting over that 'hump' in the middle. You can do it!!!!

  • Rather than think I'm only halfway, think of it that you only have 12 mins left, and that you Can run 12 mins - you've done it before, so you know you can do it - and you will

    That's the 'conversation' in my head anyway!!

  • hi

    the brain is a powerful thing and once you get used to stopping it takes some discipline to get out the habit. Read a while ago that countin bakwards from 50 helps..Ive tried it and it works!!

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