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W6R3 Completed and Feeling Good

HI every one. Im a 54 year old Male. I actually started C25K late last summer with most runs around a local park. Got up to W6R2 but kind of gave up as the weather was changing/getting dark early (in hindsight should have carried on in the gym on treadmill). Anyway decided to start again this year from Week one. (tried to carry on where i left off at Week six but couldn't do it after such a long break)Evening trips to the park with wife and kids to walk dog gave me time to do the runs, now im back up to W6R3 again!!! Left home at 7am today to run around the perimeter of a local playing field, bit unsure whether i'd be able to do 25 mins straight but actually managed it!!! (all on the flat though but a few times around didn't seem that far and although i wasn't running very fast my legs felt a bit tired at first but after a while managed to find a steady rhythm. I'm now looking forward to finishing the plan and being able to run 30mins! When i started i could barely run for 3 mins! also as an added bonus i'm not overweight but i am Type 2 Diabetic and have struggled to control my blood glucose. After last weeks first two runs my morning fasting blood glucose normally around 10 was 5.5 and 5.8!! without changing my diet or anything so this gave me added motivation to carry on. and i'm hoping to attempt a 5k Parkrun or 5k on the treadmill (depending on weather/daylight) in the near future.

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Fantastic - well done - I completed the same run this morning - great feeling eh! And well done on the glucose levels - that must be a real motivator :-) Good luck with R1 W7


Brilliant results with the blood tests - hope it's maintained. Well done for getting back to it.


Hi! Welcome and well done on giving the programme another go - I am sure you won't regret it! That change in your glucose levels is fantastic news. The health benefits of running are so many, both physical and emotional. I don't know if you used this forum before but if you need something to help you keep running when the weather does eventually change and the evenings get darker, well you have come to the right place! Personally, I prefer the colder weather for running in, but I guess everything is relative and it depends where you live. I think your parkrun goal is fab and have no doubt you will be itching to get out to your nearest one pretty soon. Good luck!๐Ÿ™‚


Wow, that's an incredible change in blood glucose levels. Really great that you decided to start again and finish the programme. It's so much more than just learning to run for 30 minutes. The benefits to both mind and body never cease to amaze me. Good luck with week 7 :)


Glad that you are here, and that the benefits are already showing through! There are a other forumites tackling week seven too, so you have running buddies already - bonus! Along with the rest of us ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜€

Good luckโœจ


Well done Woody - that's great news about the effect on your diabetes.

It's all about consolidation from here on, so stick with it, it is so worth doing!


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