W6R3 Completed

W6R3 Completed

Although being a tad cold and a biting wind, after my run on Weds, I went back to shorts and t shirt. Glad I did, I soon warmed up.

The first 1.5 was into the wind which did make my legs feel heavy, but after that not too bad. I was planning on running 2.5 but with heavy legs at 2.25 forced me to stop there!

2 day break now til the start of W7 😊

Happy running all 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️🏃


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17 Replies

  • Oh wow! I can't even imagine running at that pace (yet!) and i'm almost on week 9!! Great Job! I can definitely see why your legs were "a little bit heavy"!

  • Thanks vlmiller, you’re probably right re the legs but for the first couple of miles I felt comfortable.

    Maybe need to pace it a bit differently next week 😊

  • Crikey, you are going great guns, Ted! Good work. Now give those brilliant running legs a nice rest. They have earned it. x

  • Thanks Sadie, I’m looking forward to next week, will definitely pace it a bit differently as my target today was 2.5miles which I failed to do 😖

    Happy running young lady 😊

  • Don't get too hung up on distance, my friend, it's all about how long you run for...and going slowly means you will always make it!

    And I like being called "young"! 😉 Thanks! 😘

  • Thanks for the advice Sadie, I’ve decided to stick to the programme here on in 😊

    And you are young compared to moi! 😉

  • Age is but a number, my friend. 😘

  • Go, Ted! Congrats on completing wk7 at such a stonking pace. Now give those legs of yours a well-earned rest - happy weekend. I'm sure you'll smash wk8 too ...

  • I completed W6 today, let’s not get ahead of ourselves lol

    Thanks but I wouldn’t call it a ‘stonking’ pace, well it doesn’t feel it. I will slow down a bit though because my legs were feeling it towards the end 🤓

    Good luck on yours 😊

  • Ooh sorry Ted. I knew you were a week ahead of me (I did w6r1 today) and somehow computed that to you finishing wk7 today! That would be why I thought you seemed to be racing ahead! Anyway, it’s still a great pace and and good luck for wk7 next week! Happy running x

  • that's a cracking pace there. Well done and that's why you need the 2 day rest! Id be taking 4 or 5 after that pace

  • Just relax and enjoy the run.... take it slow and take it steady... If your legs are feeling it, then that is telling you something...pushing even a little too hard at this point may be too much...better to take it gently.. and enjoy the Monday run :)

  • Thanks oldfloss. You’re most certainly right...at 2.25 it felt like I’d hit the wall. So point taken and rein it in a bit 😊

  • We all have to do it sometimes.. even me :) !

  • Woohoo, well done lovely..!! The end of week 6 is a real turning point. No more recovery walks (because they're just a bl**dy nuisance anyway). AND ... now you are officially a 'runner' 🤗 I was quite emotional when Sarah told me that 😭

    Really, really well done..!! Sloth and steady will see you comfortably through the next 3 weeks.

    Happy running 😊

  • Thanks HITC, I’m a runner....wahey, bring it on 😂

  • 🤗🤗

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