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Week 7 Run 2

Yuk! Didn't enjoy it at all. Despite wearing some lovely new running tights (which are very comfortable) (never thought I'd be seen dead in anything like this), it was grim. Kept telling myself about bad runs etc, but it was more I didn't feel too good.

Came home with the start of a bad headache, showered, went to bed. Slept for 2 hours!

Feel a bit better now.

Note to self: Headache I think due to tension in the shoulders, and worrying (again), about what people think and what the hell am I doing this for. I must stop worrying and be more positive.

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Chill! Sounds like a 2 hour nap was just what you needed. Not feeling good before you start definitely seems to make it much harder. However, you still went out and did it, which counts for a lot!


Thanks as always greenlegs, I do need to chill! Sometimes I just forget, and take it all way too seriously.


Only 1 more run of week 7!!! :-) Awesome! :-) You will amaze yourself as you progress by what you are willing to wear in public! I never dreamed I would wear tights, but I do, as well as form fitting tops. You know, we runners must dress the part. :-) Well done and think positive! You are almost there! Gayle


Thanks Gayle, I just have to look at all the other runners out there to see that I'm beginning to look very similar to them - so what am I worried about!


Petal, I had a really bad run in W7R2, from the start of the run it just didn't 'flow' or run smoothly, think dehydrated, but felt tired and achy. Did not understand it as had already done 25 minutes twice before, but think I started too fast also. A good nights sleep, and a days rest and I got back into it and have been ok.

As for running tights, will have to look them up, have started changing my style, first the trainers, and the leggings... think top may be next :)

Have a good last run of week 7 :)


It's comforting to know that week 7 run 2 was tough for others too. Thanks for your comments. I love the tights/leggings. A friend who runs has told me that I need a badge that says "My name is ......., I am a runner". In that way, everyone will know exactly what I am doing and there will be no more hiding away.....!!! Big gulp!


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