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Week 7 Run 2 - Feeling good!

It should rain more often!

It's been a funny day. Packing the last two days meant I felt absolutely exhausted this morning and didn't think I could face a run this evening. But I woke up by the afternoon and a frustrating day at work, coupled with me deciding I wanted to really test myself tonight (as I'd found the last two sessions fairly comfortable) resulted in me running my fastest yet! (I know it's not about speed at this stage, but I just wanted to test the waters!)

So my previous fastest avg pace was 09:09/km. Today's pace was 8:17/km (including the walks)! Fastest km today was 06:55

I think I didn't pace myself very well, but just knowing that I can go a bit faster and still do the whole 25 minutes is reassuring!

In conclusion: yay! Keep going everyone! I never thought I'd be able to do this.

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Good for you. Rain is so good.

I have only run in it once and loved it.


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great average ! my average is in between 9 and 10 with a few 8 something popping in now and again. You are doing well

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Well done! That's brilliant.


i LOVE running in the rain... luckily the weather forecast is TWO months rain in two days!! ( Thu and Fri)


Well done! Keep it up 😁


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