Not A Good Run Tonight :-(

Hi all, i had the bright idea of going for a run this evening. After a healthy lunch of a Pot Noodle followed by a packet of Starbursts, (yummy) i set out. Umm, ok problems ensued soon after with a distinct lack of energy, (no one tell Earl-Grey-Sian, i don't need another telling off!). I had to keep stopping through exhaustion. It took me 46 mins to cover 3.4 miles and i was cream crackered by the end. I am glad i got out though. I am Parkrunning on Saturday morning, hopefully with more success. Keep up the good work everyone. Ed x


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  • Too late, I read it myself!

    Oh Edward, do you not listen to me at all? I'm not saying more, I think you'll know I'm frowning! X

  • EGS! EGS! Come quick and tell Ed to eat properly!

    What are you doing?


  • If he's not careful, greenlegs, I'm going to give up on him!

  • Sorry girls, i have managed to get down to 11stone from over 12 want to maintain my svelte new look. Tricky isn't it? Ed x

  • Eating crappy food won't help you, you twerp! X

  • Starburst crappy? Are you mad? Oops, silly question x x

  • That was below the belt! X

  • Sorry darling x x

  • Nothing wrong with starburst as a treat - but pot noodles? Ugh!

  • Thats the best our vending machine could offer. I am only an Engineer x

  • Oh shut up Ed. We've been through this one. You listened for a day, or was it two days?!

  • Precisely green legs. You tell him. He's obviously not listening to me!

  • Easy ladies, youre scaring me now!

  • Good. Maybe we can scare you into listening! X

  • Shall i leave now? x x

  • And go where? The dog house? X

  • Umm, yeh x

  • So are engineers biologically different and don't need to eat decent food? Is that your argument? Hmm?

    Sorting out lunches is a pain. I keep stores of ricecakes (not everyone's cup of tea, but they keep for ages and I actually like them) peanut butter, mixed nuts, raisins, chewy bars etc in a box at work so I don't have to think about it in the morning. Well I think they're much tastier than pot noodles anyway.

    Sorry, not nice to be ganged up against, but you need to come up with a better excuse!

  • Actually i like all those as well but i have other stuff going on in my life so my focus is elsewhere.

  • Fair enough. Apologies if that was ott. Take care of yourself though.

  • No your fine, no worries. I will try, Ed x

  • :-( :-( Sorry things aren't good for you right now, Ed. Hopefully, it will start looking up. BTW: I agree with the other ladies and their suggestions. :-) Gayle

  • Hi Gayle, thanks very much. BTW, so do i x x

  • I found I had a bad run after eating a sausage roll and mars bar all day

    .. and I thought sugar gave you energy :D

    Hope your next run is a good one Ed :)

  • Thats the theory i was working on ;-)

  • Put it behind you Ed, seriously. You went out and did a run rather than sit on your arse so nar!! Every little helps ;-)

    What won't help is the scrap you ate, but the lovely ladies before me have tutted, frowned, wagged fingers and lectured you about that already ;-)

    So, I 'll leave it at that and wait to hear how great you ran next time after picking yourself up, eating and drinking best you can and getting back out there Ed!

    Come on!!!

    Ali x

  • Hi Ali thanks for that. I have lunch today so all is golden Ed x

  • Well, it seems like a lot of people care about you Ed! Hope things look up for you and become less complicated. I'm sure the running will help.

  • Thanks norni i am sure things will improve Ed x

  • Ed, if it makes you feel any better, I just had the run from hell. :-( :-) Gayle

  • Share it with us please Ed x

  • Glad to see I'm not the only bossy nag on this forum x

  • Far from it evidently. I think its fantastic how everyone

    looks out for each other. This is a great forum! Ed x

  • Porridge is the answer!!!

  • Ooh i love porridge

  • Good luck today Ed on your parkrun. We're all rooting for you!

  • Thanks Daisy i did a PB of 31 mins x

  • Porridge and all bran in the morning - complex carbs ..... one hour before running - seems to work for me. I think when I actually get to 5k I'll probably be the slowest ever runner .... just like my motorbiking .... slow!!

  • I must try that. Even though i am the proud owner of a

    GSXR1000 i also ride slowly. Ed x

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