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W3R1 Shine bright like a diamond!!

Well I did it and it felt great! I was really nervous about the 3 minutes but after the first one was done I couldn't stop smiling :) Then the 90secs and then the next 3 all went so smoothly and so quick!

My breathing is now much better, although I think my pace is still slow I'm not worried about that at the moment. I was even smiling while I was running and I think some people I passed thought I was a bit nutty :p but when your enjoying yourself ,show it. Never thought in a million years that I would actually enjoy this, but what a huge difference from 3 weeks ago.

My muscles were a bit tired half way through, but I think that is because it was my 5th day of sport. This was not intentional, it was just the way my week fell. Thurs run, Fri swim, Sat (morning :( ) run, Sun cross country walk and finally Mon run. I won't be doing that again for a while but it's nice to know I am able to :)

On my walk home the title song was playing on my MP3 and my smile was so big it felt as bright as a diamond. Looking forward to my rest day, and I won't be as worried about R2 ;)

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Hey, well done rockchick. That's really spurring me on as I'm worried about the leap from 90 secs to 3 minutes.



Well done! That's given me a bit of inspiration! :)


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