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Strangely nervous when I was getting my NBs on - what's that all about! Was thinking 'how am I going to run with these palpitations'! So obviously feeling not nearly as exuberant as Winston who was bouncing around getting under my feet whilst Ozzy sat patiently on his bed. Anyhoo, we set off and I became really emotional when Laura said something like 'I'm here for you' - crazy! After the first 90 second run I wish I'd remembered my inhaler. Terrible, awful taste from my lungs and coughing and bits coming up well into first 3 minute walk. Second half was easier somehow, breathing much better and legs keener. Absolutely chuffed to bits that I didn't give in to my lung capacity and I am really enjoying this, Thanks to all the inspirational, encouraging folks who post on here and Weight Loss NHS forum...xx

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A tough run but you did it!!😊

Now you know you can...and now you know to remember your inhaler..next time will be even better. Its great that you are enjoying it and you are right to be proud of yourself (I did too)

Good luck with R2😊

take it slow and steady and Laura will be there for you again as well as your fellow runners on this forum.x

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

now safely ensconced in my running hat...xx

Who is this Laura? I'm on the NHS one and everyone talks abut Laura please?!

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to Otobe50andfit

Laura's the girl on the podcast that encourages you to keep going. Other people seem to have been able to choose other people, but not sure if that's a phone app and is different. Laura is fab...xx

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Fantastic well done. I think the inhaler needs to be a must have for future runs ;) x

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to first_mate

Thanks first_mate, it's numptyish behaviour for me to set off on such a strenuous task and not have a toke prior...xx

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I get that about feeling emotional. It took me by surprise that emotions were anything to do with running. I've been known to giggle at the end of a run and I don't even know what I'm giggling about. :)

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to AnneDroid

I give a little 'yippee' sometimes, and exercise releases a happy hormone so maybe that's why...xx

Well done getting out there anyway. I am re-doing the entire C25K and just did W3R1 myself. Such a boost to be able to run again. Remember, take it as slow as you need to go- speed can come when you're through the 9 weeks. :)

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to AvatheGardener

Thanks rainshine, as the weight comes off I'll get faster anyway - 6 stones to lose...xx

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I know what you mean about feeling nervous while you get ready - I do every time I start a new week - and no matter how many times I tell myself it's daft cos I'm just doing this for *ME*, it doesn't seem to change!

Well done for getting through, even without your inhaler! :)

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to RainbowC

Nerves have never affected me before, but I looked at the podcast info and immediately thought '90 seconds is not doable, 3 mins is impossible' so had kind of put the mokkers on today's run before even attempting it. However, did it and feeling elated still...xx

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Yay! Go you! The dogs will love you! 🙂 Just go slowly and you'll finish the session. Slowly, carefully is best 😊

You will enjoy it too 🙂

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble, all three of us are loving it...xx

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Brilliant... :) Tough, but you did it :)

Keep it slow and keep it steady :)

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ANewMe2022Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss, slow and steady wins the day...xx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to ANewMe2022

Always... I am a true testament to Slow and Steady!!!! :)

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