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Hi everyone,

I started C25k a while ago but have only managed to get to week 3 run 1. I haven't done it yet but I'm scared about doing it because I don't think I can run for 3 minutes. Did anyone else find this or is it a bit easier once you get into it?


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It's surprising how quickly it becomes easier. Just trust in Laura and the plan, and believe you can do it. I'm just about to start week 8 and I'm amazed that I can!


If in doubt, slow down! Then slow down a bit more. If I can complete the series, anyone can, so just trust in Laura and yourself! Good luck!


Oh yes you can, trust the programme, take extra rest days if you need them (I do) this is more a head thing, but you are building running muscles, so need to take it steady. It doesn't matter how long it takes, you are doing this for you, if you need support come on here, you'll get plenty! Every time you go out you are improving, every time no matter whether you manage it all or not.

Good luck, take it slowly. 😉



What will happen if you don't manage the whole 3 minutes? Have a go, you might surprise yourself xx


Go for it. If you cant run the whole 3 minutes just walk some of it (but try to outsmart your mind - it'll be your mind telling you cant do it. My theory is if my legs don't hurt and I can still breathe then I can keep going). And just keep repeating week 3 until you can do it.

It took me 3 weeks to actually complete week 1 and two weeks to complete week 2. I had to keep repeating them until I could do them. By week 3 I had slowed down to a shuffle (sometimes I wonder if I am actually moving) and managed to complete it in the week. I'm just about to start week 5.


Just go for it. It's not like your gonna get sacked or killed if you don't make it. Trust your self you are on week 3 because you have managed to get there through sweat and toil. If you don't manage it just revisit week 2 until you feel 100% confident. As curly gurly said you may surprise yourself like most of us on here ;) good luck and keep posting :) J


I was scared of week 3 and did 2nd run of week 3 today. I found it much easier than I thought as long as you don't run too fast and I have to run up and down hills. But week 4 looks like the step change.


It's advice and support like the above that got me to complete week 9 today! I think the plan is brilliant. It really does work. I like to plaster on a smile as well - feels even better.


I did my first run of week 3 yesterday and was very reluctant, because you double your previous length of 90 seconds. However, there are only two repetitions, so it was easier than I suspected.

Just keep going and remember it will be over before you know it. I felt a real sense of achievement afterwards.

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Youmay have done it by now but, I, like you didn't think it possible but I have just returned from W3R1 and am elated.


I have literally just done that myself, just got into the house and out of the rain..

the first three minutes of this run was hard but after the two shorter sections the second seemed better so have a'll surprise yourself!


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