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A Sunday morning run; 5k, lovely!

After my last effort on Thursday when I tried to master the dreaded treadmill I was pleased to wake up to a bright day and legs now not sore, so straight into running gear, banana consumed and go....

Set off to Lovely Laura on the week 9 podcast with the thought of just doing a pleasure run of 30 minutes. Had the usual 5-10 minutes in 'why am I doing this' thought, no one would know if i didn't go; got over that and settled into my breathing and pace and really started to enjoy it... :-)

I was running a route along a river towards town, watching the usual suburban birds and people, saw some lovely long tail tits ( my favourites at the mo) and a Mr Blackbird with white feathers on the top of his head!

Turned at the 15 minute mark; ran back then thought I will get this 5k again, so carried on past my entrance to the river, did another extra 5 minutes then headed back. Last bit of the run was up a hill, but ran all of it ok. Got in and Imap told me I had done 5.47k in 38 mins (taking off the walking warm up/downs), and had done my fastest pace & speed...Yay!!! It wasn't a fluke on wk9r3!!! I think I will print off my parkrun barcode and may be brave next weekend... EEEK!!!!

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Hope you follow up and go to Parkrun on Sat now!


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