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Week 8 Run 2 - done! Only 4 runs left to the end of the programme.

Hi Runners All

Well, I got out there again this morning and stuck to my usual route around the lake in the country park next door. I did my 5 minute warm up and started running. I ran all the way round the lake and then veered off and ran alongside the river, thus increasing my distance. I thought the distance round the lake was 1.1 miles. On enquiring at the visitor's centre I discovered it is, in fact, one and a half miles so I've been doing better than I thought especially today when I had to find some extra route to be able to complete the run. Including warm up and warm down walks I reckon I'm not far off 4K now. I lengthened my stride again and felt I was starting to run rather than jog in the last couple of minutes so I am well pleased with myself today.

Have put up a picture of part of the lake around which I run. The trees behind the sailing club hide an old priory wall - the other side of which is the marina where I live. See, said I was close to the park!

Happy running and a very happy Easter to you all, whether running, resting or racing.

Best wishes.

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Hi Fitmo, Well done on getting this far !! Graduation is definitely within touching distance now! What a truly lovely route you have to run, one of the best things I am enjoying about this programme is getting out in the beautiful countryside! Motivation enough to get off the sofa and exercise. It's run 3 wk 5 for me in the morning Eek!!, but strangely looking forward to it.

Have a very Happy Easter!

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Good luck with your run in the morning. Looking forward to seeing your successful post. Best wishes.

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Great location for your runs I like I like very much. Happy Easter weekend to you

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Hi Fitmo and happy Easter to you. (And to all C25Kers!) That is really good going and something to be proud of! Such a nice scenic place to run too! :-)

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Oh Fitmo, what a lovely part of the world you live in ! It just makes you want to get out there doesn't it ? Good luck with the rest of your programme and I do hope that you will be sticking around here when you have finished , just so you can help us over the finishing line :-) Happy Easter to you too ! x

Thank you for your good wishes everyone. Yes, it is a lovely scenic place to live and you might find it hard to believe that it's only two miles from the town centre! Wait until you see the paths I run on along the river embankment - maybe even nicer than the park. Poppypug, I will certainly be sticking around the forum when I've completed the programme (as do many graduates) as I shall want to cheer you all on. In fact, one of my short term goals is to be a self-appointed cheerleader for new C25Ker's. I've also got the R4L in June. Best wishes.

That looks like a lovely run! Well done on being on week 8, must be exciting to be so close to graduation!

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Well done Fitmo. Will be looking out for your graduation. Lovely photo - that looks like a nice run and you are making good progress with your distance. Happy Easter to you and all the other C25Kr's

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Nearly there! You're doing amazing - you're doing a great distance too.

Great pic - always jealous of people who have scenic runs :)

Keep us posted on your next runs & I'll look out for your graduation badge soon - enjoy!!!! :)

You've been inspirational to me all the way with your comments and tips, be great to see you with a graduation badge fitmo! Lovely route. Happy Easter

Hi Fitmo! you're doing so well! and such a lovely photo, looks very peaceful. Happy easter to you too! hope your next runs see you well into that final straight and graduation! keep it up :)

Much more picturesque than my outing tonight. Run by Walkers Crisps on an industrial estate, by the police station, though a smidgeon of park & back round the industrial estate. When I'm on longer runs I hope to see more green!

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Go Mo! Go Mo! Go Mo! Getting so close now Mo, you can taste it!

Lovely scenery to run around in , you lucky lady. Have some good runs over Easter but go steady

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Only run scheduled for over Easter is Saturday to finish W8. I'll see how I feel on Monday but prefer two days between finishing one week and starting the next so might wait until Tuesday for W9. Cheers.

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Hey Fitmo, well done you! Love the picture, it looks so calm. I'm setting out this morning for the first session of WK9...

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Good luck W9. Will see your successful post later today. Cheers.

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Nice one fitmo! Doing W8R2 tomorrow myself :) looks like we'll graduate around the same time. I've also signed up for R4L 5K - clocked up over £400 in sponsorship now so kinda obliged to go through with it! Have an awesome Easter :)

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Good luck with your run tomorrow - you're just the one behind me now. Will see your post tomorrow saying you've done it. Cheers.

Well done! That looks like a lovely route.

I want to get back out there again now - hopefully the physio appt on Tue will give me the all clear. I may get my gear on anyway and walk my 5k route early tomorrow morning, maybe break into a jog just to 'test the legs' and see if I get any twinges.

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Good luck on your 'test' walk/jog - hope it goes well, the forum hasn't been the same without you. Best wishes.

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What a gorgeous location to run in. Well done on your progress as well. You are scarily close to graduating - I bet you can't wait! Keep it up.

Yes, it is a lovely area and I love living here. Graduation - I'll not say too much about that as don't want to tempt fate. Cheers.

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