5K at last!

Graduated a couple of weeks ago and been using stepping stones, running 30 minutes to Laura's beat then tacking a bit more on the end when possible. Today I ventured off my usual safe flat cycle/walking track along the river valley and ran up over the downs, actually getting my shoes dirty! The wind was against me, of course, but as I flew down the hill I actually felt like a real runner at last. I ran right on through Laura's cool down walk and then a couple more minutes. Back home, checked my route and delighted to find I'd run my first 5K! Elated!

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  • Nice one! Well done :)

  • Well done!

  • Amazing. It sounds like you really forgot yourself in the running. Onwards and upwards :)

  • Well done LadyIdle, I did a new route today too, lovely to go out and explore!

  • Well done that is fantastic !! Congratulations your first 5km is always special.

  • That's brilliant! Well done :)

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